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Urgent musculoskeletal issues are more prevalent than you might think

wrapping ankleEvery day of the week, our board-certified orthopedic surgeons and physician assistants provide prompt emergency evaluation and treatment for unexpected injuries of one's bones, muscles, joints or connective tissue. Visiting an orthopedic urgent care facility, such as OrthoCare Express, ensures that you will be seen by a trained orthopedic physician or physician assistant who specializes in issues and injuries to the musculoskeletal system.

7 Common Orthopedic Injuries

Orthopedic injuries are more common than people realize, and with the help of a trained specialist you can avoid the emergency room and be promptly diagnosed and treated for your unexpected injury. The most common orthopedic injuries we treat at our OrthoCare Express offices in Danbury, Darien, New Milford, Norwalk and Westport, Connecticut fall under a few main categories:

OrthoConnecticut orthopedic doctor wrapping patient wrist

1. Fractures

When someone comes in with a broken bone it is either an open or closed break. The physician will evaluate and x-ray it onsite to diagnose and treat the fracture. If the break is an open one, it needs to be treated immediately. Closed fractures are the most common and require treatment to ensure the bone is set properly. We commonly see fractures of the hand and wrist, and foot and ankle at our acute urgent care facilities.

2. Soft Tissue Injury

Many injuries occur to the tendons, ligaments and muscles which work to hold the body together. A soft tissue injury can happen to almost any part of the body and we frequently see soft tissue injuries to the knee, ankle, hand, wrist, and rotator cuff. While a soft tissue injury may seem more benign than a fracture, it can sometimes take more time to fully heal than a break. Our specialists treat soft tissue cases in the urgent care facility and then will refer patients to the specific center of excellence within the practice for specialized, follow up care.

3. Knee Injuries

injured knee

The knee is a complex joint involving three bones and multiple soft tissue structures. General wear and tear from aging, injury, and stress from everyday activities lead to a variety of pain symptons and knee issues. Common issues seen at OrthoCare Express include ligament sprain, tendonitis, torn cartilage, a torn meniscus, patella instability, and arthritis.

Learn more about knee conditions and knee procedures with our educational animations.

4. Shoulder Pain

The shoulder is a complex joint involving multiple bones. Thanks to its complex structure, the shoulder, when working properly, gives us a tremendous range of motion in our arms. When there’s shoulder pain often you cannot sleep or lift your arm. It is not always caused by a traumatic activity, and often is due to routine wear and tear to the components. Some shoulder issues frequently treated in our urgent care facility include: shoulder labrum tears and shoulder dislocations, rotator cuff injuries and tears and impingement, frozen shoulder, calcifications, bursitis, tendinosis inflammation, and bone fractures. You can learn more about shoulder conditions and procedures with our educational videos.

5. Ankle Injuries and Foot Pain

Foot pain and ankle pain often send people into urgent care. Foot and ankle issues include symptoms such as swelling, stiffness, and conditions  to musculoskeletal issues like achilles tendonitis or tear, ankle sprain and twists, foot stress fractures, or ankle fractures. Mild issues might resolve with rest, ice packs, anti-inflammatory medication, elevation, cushioning, and wrapping. Learn more about foot, ankle and lower leg conditions and procedures with our educational animations.

6. Neck Pain

When you have neck pain you know it’s literally a “pain in the neck” that results in changes in activity. When something is amiss with any one element associated with the neck, worn down from use and age or resulting from an accident, we can feel various degrees of neck pain and lose temporary or longer-term range of motion. This can be scary and compel patients to seek urgent care for help. If you have been in an accident or have pain that is severe, continuous, radiates down the arms or legs, with headaches, numbness, tingling and weakness – you should be evaluated by an orthopedic spine specialist. Common injuries include text neck, cervical disk degeneration, spinal stenosis, neck sprain, herniated disc, and whip lash. Soft tissue pain can be caused by injury to muscles and ligaments, while a more severe neck injury can be a fracture or dislocation with spinal cord damage. Learn more about spine conditions with our educational animations.

7. Back Pain

The lumbar spine, or lower back, can be sprained when ligaments (or tough bands of tissue) that hold bones together are overstretched or torn. Several things can cause a Lumbar Spine Sprain including falling, twisting while bending, improper lifting, poor abdominal strength, tight hamstrings, being overweight, and overuse wear and tear. It is also possible that you have muscle strains that are caused when muscle fibers are stretched or torn resulting in muscle spasms. With low back pain you may have pain radiating to the buttocks but not the legs, have a lower back that is stiff, or your range of motion is restricted. See a specialist to be evaluated and find the best treatment options for you. Watch this animation to learn more about low back pain.

OrthoCare Express and OrthoConnecticut Can Help

At OrthoCare Express, patients in emergency situations can receive an accurate diagnosis and prompt treatment plan from an orthopedic surgeon or orthopedic physician assistant, 7 days a week. OrthoCare Express is the urgent care service of OrthoConnecticut, the area’s leading orthopedic surgery practice. Our facilities offer the convenience of on-site digital X-ray technology, casting, and splinting services. Our orthopedic professionals are ready to help you almost every day of the year, no appointment is necessary. Visit for specific urgent care information and hours in Danbury, Darien, New Milford, Norwalk and Westport, CT, or for information about OrthoConnecticut’s Board-certified surgeons, areas of expertise and office locations.  #getmovingCT

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