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You will need to check with your insurance company to determine whether you need a referral from your primary care physician. Each insurer handles this differently. Should there be questions, our office can help you communicate with your insurance representative to determine what is required.

Our practice is comprised of highly trained physicians in subspecialty areas of orthopedics. When you call OrthoConnecticut, we make every effort to provide you with an appointment with the doctor who specifically treats the medical issue you describe to us. Many of our doctors have expertise in more than one orthopedic discipline, and will be able to offer you a comprehensive evaluation and recommended treatment approach.

Should you request a visit with a specific physician based on a personal or primary care physician referral, your appointment can be made directly with that doctor when you call our office.

OrthoConnecticut offers convenient locations for office visits in Danbury, Darien, Litchfield, New Milford, Norwalk, Ridgefield, Sharon, Southbury, and Westport. Your medical condition will determine which doctor you see and which office will host your visit. Most of our doctors can see patients at multiple locations and you can discuss with our office staff which office location will suit your schedule and be most convenient for you.

Our physicians have surgical privileges at Danbury Hospital, the Danbury Surgical Center, Norwalk Hospital, Norwalk ASC, The Hand Center of Western Connecticut and at the Ridgefield Surgical Center. Where you have surgery may depend on your insurance plan, and you should discuss this with your surgeon and our staff at your presurgical visits. Surgery that requires an overnight stay is typically performed at Danbury Hospital, while outpatient procedures are usually performed at one of the three surgical centers.

You will be able to see a physician for an initial comprehensive assessment and discussion about your individual treatment program. During the course of treatment and recovery, there may be occasions when your follow-up appointment(s) may be booked with the surgeon’s physician’s assistant, but you will be apprised of this on the phone when you book your appointment and you will have the option to see the PA or wait for an appointment with your physician. We make every effort to meet your needs for appointments in an efficient and timely manner and oftentimes seeing the PA is just what is needed to ensure your follow-up program stays on schedule.

Yes. Your relationship will be with your specific physician and all appointments will be maintained on your physician’s schedule, with the exception of when you agree to see a physician’s assistant.

OrthoConnecticut is pleased to offer a comprehensive physical therapy program directly at three of our office locations, including Danbury, Norwalk and Westport. Each office features the most highly trained team of physical and hand therapists in the region. An individualized treatment program, carefully designed by your therapist with integrated guidance by your physician, will help you get on the path to recovery and return to full activity and optimal well-being. Our office locations offer flexible schedules and convenient access for our physical therapy services.

We can also refer to other physical therapists in each of our neighboring communities. We will provide the same level of integrated care and communication with your therapist, should you choose to receive care with another provider. You can discuss this with your physician during your visit and decide together on the best approach for you.

  • Photo ID (i.e. driver’s license)
  • Your current insurance cards
  • Your co-pay as indicated on your insurance card


To see a physician
Clothing that allows you to expose the area you want to be examined, a list of prescription medications and any X-rays, MRI’s or other clinical information from a previous provider.

To have an injection
Clothing that allows you to expose the area of your body where you will receive your injection, your insurance card, and your pre-registration paperwork. Please make prior arrangements for someone to drive you home. Please be sure to discontinue any aspirin and aspirin related medications 5 days prior to your injection and only eat a very light breakfast the day of your injection.

To see a hand therapist or physical therapist
Comfortable clothing that allows you to expose the area you want to be examined.

Your first visit to OrthoConnecticut is designed to assess and evaluate your medical issue and determine exactly what is causing the pain that is bothering you or limiting your activity. Your physician will perform a physical exam to assess the affected area or joint. Diagnostic testing may be required, such as x-ray, ultrasound, computed tomography (CT), or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), in order to see issues in your musculoskeletal system that can only be visualized through radiologic services. Following testing and a report from your radiologist, your physician will discuss a course of treatment with you.

Yes. We maintain close communication with your referring physician throughout your course of treatment. The referring physician’s office will receive a report from OrthoConnecticut following each visit with us. In addition, we will discuss any complex issues or concerns regarding medical history, conditions, or testing results, as needed, on the telephone. OrthoConnecticut believes an integrated approach to your medical care and communication with your providers are essential to proper and effective treatment.

Current patients can either request a prescription refill from their physician via their patient portal account or current patients can contact their pharmacy and have the pharmacy forward your refill request to us.