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Meet Dr CiminielloDr. Angelo Ciminiello hits it out of the park when it comes to sports medicine. As a fellow sports enthusiast, Dr. Ciminiello has always had a passion for helping athletes. From playing Division 1 baseball in college, to serving as physician to the Boston Celtics and Northeastern University, Dr. Ciminiello has had a longstanding love and appreciation for sports and sports medicine.

It is this same passion for sports, medicine, and helping people that has led him to OrthoConnecticut. At OrthoConnecticut, every patient is treated with an individualized treatment plan and compassionate care. Dr. Ciminiello is one of the leading sports medicine specialists who routinely practices knee, hip and shoulder surgery. His philosophy is that you don’t need to be a high-level athlete to receive high-level care.

Q: Why should a patient select OrthoConnecticut for their orthopedic care?

A: Dr. Ciminiello: Patients should choose OrthoConnecticut because we provide state-of-the-art orthopedic care in our own neighborhoods. Each of our physicians is board-certified and fellowship-trained in their respective disciplines. We also have our own orthopedic only operating room which allows us to provide an exceptional patient experience and the ability for patients to return home very quickly after surgery.

Q: Why did you decide to go into orthopedics (specifically sports medicine), as your specialty area? And why OrthoConnecticut?

A: Dr. Ciminiello: I chose sports medicine because I enjoyed playing sports my whole life. I have always wanted to take care of athletes, youth all the way up to professional, and because exercise and sport engagement is an important component of overall health.

Q: What is the most memorable surgery you have performed?

A: Dr. Ciminiello: The most memorable surgery was taking care of two broken femurs and two broken tibias from a bad car accident. That patient still sends me a Christmas card every year.

Q: If you had a day all to yourself what would you do?

A: Dr. Ciminiello: Wake up, kiss my wife, take a morning run, see patients, operate, go to one of my kid’s sporting events, and eat dinner with my entire family.

Q: What have you learned about yourself during the pandemic?

A: Dr. Ciminiello: Always stay true to what matters most and be patient with those around you. You never know what kind of day they had.

Q: Why is OrthoConnecticut’s Ridgefield office moving locations and what are the key features of the new space?

A: Dr. Ciminiello: We are moving locations because we wanted to be able to provide the same experience and clinical expertise currently enjoyed at our Danbury location. The new space is fresh and inviting, with more patient rooms, a clean, waiting area and has plenty of parking with easy access to the office from the parking lot.

Q: In addition to working with major sports organizations, where did you do your training?

A: Dr Ciminiello: I was lucky to begin my medical education at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, and complete my residency at the University of Connecticut Health Center. I completed my subspecialty training during my fellowship in Sports Medicine at the renowned New England Baptist Hospital in Boston, MA. All 3 centers were wonderful places to train and I learned from some of the best surgeons in the field.

With his passion for sports medicine, Dr. Ciminiello is pleased to serve his family, community and the great patients of OrthoConnecticut. His focus on the patient, a smooth recovery and getting each one back to mobility is a consistent thread in his practice. He is aware that life can throw unexpected curveballs, and is dedicated to making sure that he and OrthoConnecticut are ready to help.