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Dr. Paul is a gifted surgeon who has a top notch surgical team.

His team is highly organized including his office personal.

The entire team, from office staff to surgical team, give you the best care available anywhere. I had spinal fusion surgery which allowed me to be pain free with tremendous range of motion from the moment I was allowed out of bed. I strongly recommend anyone with serious back issues to see Dr. Paul for evaluation — it will be worth the time.



I have had great experiences with Dr. Ciminiello and his team. Definitely recommend!

I had an ACL and meniscus tear and Dr. Ciminiello did a phenomenal job with the surgery.



I had wrist pain for years and originally was told it was fine.

The pain got so bad I decided to go back to the orthopedist and saw Dr. Insel.

He knew immediately what the issue was and it was confirmed in my MRI. I had surgery and my wrist feels brand new!!! Dr. Insel is amazing and really knows this stuff.



Broke my hand and Dr. Insel fixed it no problem.

I was able to lightly start using it again after only four weeks thanks to a successful surgery. Definitely would recommend.



Dr. Insel was prompt, courteous and kind.

He quickly diagnosed the ailment that had me in a great deal of pain. A quick cortisone injection got me out of pain in less than 24 hours and I truly have felt better than I have in years. I highly recommend his expertise.



Dr. Ciminiello and his whole team, both at the office and the surgical center, were the absolute best from beginning to end with my whole experience.

He made sure to fully explain and show me what I was dealing with, answered all my questions, and ensured that I had full confidence in what he needed to do with my knee pre/post-operation in order to get me fixed up and back to the activities that I love. The surgical center team was amazing, and considering the environment, we all have been managing through they made sure as a patient I was very well taken care to feel safe each step of the surgery. I would highly recommend Dr. Ciminiello to anyone who is in need of what he can offer as an orthopedic surgeon.



I wanted to extend my sincerest appreciation to Dr. Insel and the entire OrthoConnecticut staff.

It was a year ago this month that I suffered a severe hand misfortune.

Dr. Insel went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable prior to surgery. We were in the middle of a global pandemic and of course, I was absolutely nervous to be in any medical office setting. The team at OrthoConnecticut made me feel at ease and helped during the entire process. A year later I am happy to report that I have full use of my hand. Thank you for the amazing care.

Luis F.


We met with Dr. Dunleavy and he is absolutely amazing.

Down-to-earth, excellent bedside manner, and fantastic with children!

He gave us such well-rounded advice and didn’t pressure us with what direction to take our son’s care. Absolutely would recommend for any pediatric orthopedic care. He looked after my son’s holistic health and provided all possible options.



Dr. Brand and his staff exemplify what it means to practice medicine.

They are methodical, and communicate very well with the patient. My family I were fortunate enough to have Dr. Brand's most competent surgical skills to help preserve our health. I would recommend him to anybody.

Michael – Danbury, CT


Dr. Insel is a highly competent hand surgeon.

I truly recommend Dr. Insel.

You can leave everything in his hands. He’s a very knowledgeable doctor who will help you improve and do everything he can to help you get back on your road.



Accident prone patient highly recommends Dr. Ganal.

I have been a patient of Dr. Ganal's for almost a year due to some accident prone months.

I became a patient after suffering a femoral neck stress fracture. It wasn't the easiest news to receive, but Dr. Ganal balanced professional matter of fact delivery with compassion. He treated me for four months until I was cleared. A few months later (much to my chagrin) I suffered a bimalleolar fracture (broke my tibia and ankle). Dr. Ganal performed my surgery to repair – and within 12 weeks it was almost as good as new. He would be my highest recommendation for any orthopedic injury. Extremely professional, very empathetic, and patient focused (he really listens to what his patients say).



Thank you for helping my severe shoulder pain Dr. Ganal.

I went in with severe right shoulder pain, wasn't sure from what, maybe the dog tugging all week and my shoulder probably just gave in. I was not able to bring my arm up at all it was in so much pain. Dr. Ganal saw that there was no fracture, so prescribed me with the strongest anti inflammatory pill, and self exercises at home found on his website. Come Monday, I was able to bring my arm up and down with no pain. Bless you and thank you.