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My experience with OrthoConnecticut - Coastal Orthopedics...

“I have been a patient with OrthoConnecticut - Coastal Orthopedics Dr. Michael Lynch for approximately 15 years. I suffer from severe OA (osteoarthritis) and a chronic knee condition in both knees. Dr. Lynch has helped me navigate pain management and through the use of Hyaluronic Acid injections, and thus far I have been able to stave off a knee replacement. His knowledge and vast experience have been a comfort in helping me make choices along the way.

In August of 2018, Dr. Mark Fletcher performed a life changing hip replacement at Norwalk Hospital. His immense experience and knowledge, the robotic technology available and the joint replacement wing at Norwalk Hospital made the procedure seamless. I went from excruciating pain and limited movement to a pain free and active lifestyle. I also took advantage of their ON SITE rehabilitation facility. The Physical Therapists are highly trained, patient and helped educate me in order to get me back to my daily activities quickly and easily.

Finally, Tanya has been an exemplary member of the OrthoConnecticut - Coastal Orthopedics family. She goes out of her way to help with scheduling the injections and dealing with the headaches of insurance companies. She is one of many at OrthoConnecticut - Coastal Orthopedics that makes what can be a challenging and painful experience, that much easier.

So many patients think they need to run to NYC to get to the 'pros'. Well, we have the best right here in Fairfield County with Norwalk and Westport locations. You don't need to travel to get the help you need!"

Suzy B.


I am again beyond grateful to Dr. Brady...

“I am again beyond grateful to Dr. Brady, Gabriella and all of the other doctors, PAs, nurses, occupational therapists and everyone in general at Norwalk Hospital for their kindness and for saving my mother’s life.”

Lane Coder
(From Woman injured by falling branch in New CanaanNew Canaan Advertiser)


Dr. Ciminiello and the entire OrthoConnecticut team were absolutely fantastic.

I ruptured my triceps muscle at the elbow (a very unusual injury) on April Fools Day ? 

Dr Ciminiello performed the surgery and after 2 weeks in a cast I was fitted with a brace and started therapy. I was told that this type of injury required 9 to 12 months to heal and at 8 months I am 100%. Everyone, from the receptionists, therapists, PA and Dr. Ciminiello were a pleasure to work with. I was seen promptly at all of my appointments. Dr Ciminiello is extremely personable. I could not be happier with my experience and results. I highly recommend him.



From the moment my Mom and I stepped into OrthoConnecticut - Danbury Orthopedics we received such wonderful help, from the front desk to how caring and supportive my mom's nurses were.

The Anesthesiologist and surgeon were also more than kind and informative.

Everyone there made us feel like individuals that really mattered. The care was wonderful! I am a nurse and it was so heartwarming to see the individual care and attention my mom received.

Thank you OrthoConnecticut-Danbury Orthopedics!


I first had fluid drawn from both of my extremely swollen and sore knees by Kim VanPelt, PA-C.

Kim was very gentle, explained everything thoroughly and was very kind.

She asked many questions before proceeding and I value that too. She gave me shots for cushioning and was so caring.

Linda S.


I just had the most incredible doctor's office visit ever.

I had a midafternoon (2:30pm) scheduled appointment. Showed up at 2:25pm and was called upon within 1 minute.

I was expecting 30-45 minute which is par for the course with most provider offices. Once in my appointed treatment room I saw my doctor within one minute. I was out the door in under 5 minutes total. Just incredible plus the office staff was professional, courteous and friendly. Overall just a great experience.

Jay P.


I was fortunate enough to be assigned Dr. DiGiovanni's team for repair of a broken wrist.

From reception to exams to surgery to post-op, I was treated with compassion and professionalism at all times.

Wait times were minimal, I never felt rushed during any procedure, and my questions were answered thoroughly. The surgical team members were also patient, helpful, and efficient at all times. It's obvious that these staff members enjoy what they do!



When my 5 year old broke her arm last month, I was just hoping to find a good doctor with whom my daughter could feel comfortable.

We have been to both the Danbury and Ridgefield offices, as well as the surgical center.

Every single staff member, including Dr. Ciminiello and his PA, Peter Ackerman, were amazing! From start to finish, my daughter was treated with care and respect. Their attentiveness and concern made my daughter feel comfortable and relaxed. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Ciminiello and his amazing staff members, especially for pediatric care. We are very thankful for such a positive experience.


Given such a large practice and in multiple locations, I have found this group to be attentive, positive, responsive, and sensitive to my concerns.

Tasha in particularly allayed my concerns and the on-call receptionists are fantastic.

Wait time is also reasonable.



Kimberly Van Pelt, PA-C, saved me - diagnosed my Shingles!

I came to the office because of severe pain in right side.

Went to Norwalk Hospital twice and they gave me morphine through I.V. Had Cat Scans done of kidneys, blood flow, x-rays of back and ribs - still no answer!! Came to see Kimberly (PA-C) and immediately she said I had SHINGLES!! She saved me!! Thank you so much! Kim is a very special person. Caring, thoughtful, compassionate, etc., etc.

Love her!

Pamela Nistico


I had arthroscopic surgery; this is my fifth surgery in total over the years.

Dr. Ciminiello and his team have been absolutely fantastic throughout the entire process. I was in the gym three days after my surgery and could not be recovering better.


I had a fantastic experience with Dr. Ciminiello.

I had rotator cuff surgery to repair a full thickness tear.

Excellent facilities with very polite staff. Dr. Ciminiello explained everything thoroughly and accurately. My surgery was successful and I am doing great in my recovery. I’m very pleased and highly recommend.