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Randolph Sealey, M.D. Video Library

Dr. Sealey Discussing Preventing Plantar Fasciitis

Our Foot & Ankle Specialist, Dr. Randolph Sealey, discusses how to prevent plantar fasciitis, or pain on the bottom of the heel. The #1 tip for preventing this common problem is to stretch your calves on a daily basis.


Using small incisions and a tiny camera, ankle arthroscopy can address bone spurs, cartilage loss, and even ankle fusion. Dr. Randolph Sealey explains and shows how this technique can address these issues and more, with minimal down time and fast recoveries.


Dr. Sealey explains everything you want to know about big toe arthritis, including symptoms, diagnosis and treatment options. While surgery isn’t always required, a Cheilectomy and Fusion are two common surgical procedures available for this condition.

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Bunions, which occur in approximately 20% of the population, but are more common in women, are a painful condition where the outside joint of the big toe protrudes at a pronounced angle. In this video, Dr. Randolph Sealey explains the factors causing bunions, including genetics and flat feet, and explains the possible complications caused by bunions. He then reviews the process of diagnosis and treatment options.


Dr. Randolph Sealey explains the various types of common injuries to the achilles tendon, the hardest working tendon in the body. He then reviews the possible treatment options, ranging from rest and icing to surgery.


What is plantar fasciitis and what causes this condition? Dr. Sealey discusses who is most at risk for this common condition and how it’s treated.


In this video, Dr. Randolph Sealey explains how orthopedists can diagnosis and treat foot and ankle fractures, which are some of the most debilitating injuries that can occur in the body. He reviews the difference between an open fracture and a dislocated joint, both of which are treated as emergencies.


The most common sports-associated injury, the ankle sprain, can cause long-term issues about 50% of the time. In this video, Dr. Randolph Sealey explains the differences between a mild, moderate and severe ankle sprain, and reviews the treatment options for each type. When a sprain involves a ligament tear, it can lead to further injury to the ankle, so correct diagnosis and treatment, as well as follow-up is needed.


Dr. Sealey explains what ankle arthritis is and the common causes. He discusses treatment and surgical options for ankle arthritis to relieve pain and preserve the ankle joint and motion.

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Dr. Randolph Sealey discusses what flat feet are - whether the condition is one a baby or toddler will outgrow or are caused by an injury. If flat foot is causing pain and you’re experiencing symptoms, here’s what you need to know about diagnosis and treatment of flat feet.


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