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Kristen Pitts injury and recovery story with OrthoConnecticutThe condition: An energetic and enthusiastic 13 year old, Kristen Pitts, injured her knee playing basketball in a premier travel league, tearing her ACL and meniscus at the same time.  Facing this injury as a young, promising athlete was crushing for the girl and her family. The location of the meniscal tear was in a difficult location of the knee, diminishing her hopes for a full recovery.

The treatment: Erik Pitts, Kristen’s father, had heard about the work Dr. Brand was doing with injury prevention and his expertise in the treatment of ACL injuries in female athletes.   Upon evaluation, Dr. Brand confirmed Kristen’s need for surgery with a goal of returning to normal daily function and participation in her most loved sports.  Dr. Brand performed ACL reconstructive surgery and a lateral meniscus repair in. March.

The result: In six months time, Kristen returned to full activity and was back to a full schedule of athletic activity, becoming a track star and winning multiple awards.  She won championship titles in her District Cross Country Meet, in the Junior Olympic XC Nationals, became a record holder and District Champion in the 1600 and 2400 yard races, and was selected as the Point Guard for her winter basketball team. Pitts’ remarkable recovery has allowed her to continue to be the athlete she wanted to be, and given her the confidence to continue challenging herself in school and on the field. “It was a tough experience and I could not have asked for a better doctor. My knee has held up (no pain or swelling!) through everything I have done.  Dr. Brand, I truly appreciate all that you did for me!”


case-study-footballThe condition: Patrick Stroh, a vibrant and athletic 22-year-old on his way to becoming a physician’s assistant, had spent the past six years of his life with constant shoulder pain and weakness.  It got to the point where he had to turn down throwing a baseball or football when he got together with his friends. However, when his shoulder injury started to affect his job as a certified athletic trainer, Patrick knew something had to be done.

The treatment: Patrick was referred to Dr. Angelo Ciminiello, sports medicine specialist and knee & shoulder surgeon. Patrick remembers the first time he met Dr. Ciminiello: “Dr. Ciminiello walked into the exam room smiling and treating me like a friend. My knowledge of medicine helped me to appreciate his approach toward my treatment.” Dr. Ciminiello diagnosed a shoulder internal impingement and prescribed physical therapy and rehabilitation, which together typically yield very successful results. However, after a few months, it become clear that surgery would be required to get Patrick back to where he wanted to be. Dr. Ciminiello performed a capsular release procedure to decrease tightness of the shoulder capsule and a labral repair, wherein the cartilage ring is stitched back to the bone of the shoulder socket.

The result: Six months after the surgery Patrick was back to doing everything at the high level he desired. Ever the athlete, he now golfs on a regular basis, is playing in three competitive hockey leagues, and is on a softball team. Patrick notes, “I have no further problems from my shoulder and am able to once again throw a football or baseball without hesitation. Dr. Ciminiello allowed me to return to the form that I had during high school.”  Returning to the life you want to enjoy – it’s the goal shared by the doctors and medical professionals at Danbury Orthopedics.


Rod. Weinberg's knee replacement success story with OrthoConnecticutThe condition: Rod Weinberg is one of those exemplary athletes you read about: a state champion in speed skating, a contender to play major league baseball, on ski patrol for more than 40 years, and a long-distance cyclist. But all this activity had caught up with Rod, who at age 72 was looking at knee replacement surgery. The problem: No doctor would do the surgery and let Rod resume the skiing that he loved. Rod says, "I'm an older athlete and couldn't find anyone to touch my knee. My life is built around speed and I didn't want to stop doing what I enjoy. Finally, I met Dr. Viola and knew I had met my match."

The treatment: Dr. Anthony Viola found that Rod's cartilage had been worn away and he was skiing and cycling "bone on bone." But he also found something else that was crucially important: because Rod had been active all his life, his bones were in great shape. According to Dr. Viola, "Rod's knee joint may not have been good, but he had the bones of a 40-year-old. This made him a prime candidate for a noncemented total knee replacement." The noncemented knee replacement, which allows the bone to grow and heal over the implant, would give Rod the flexibility and durability that he wanted. Dr. Viola agreed to do the surgery but only if Rod would stay away cycling and all other sports for 3 months. After that he could slowly build up to his goal, which included cycling long distances and some stretches where he would pedal 25 miles an hour. It also required deep dedication to physical therapy.

The result: Rod's patience and commitment paid off. Five months after surgery Rod went on his first open-road bike ride with Dr. Viola right beside him. Today Rod is doing what he loves and his range of motion is the same as that of a regular knee. "I don't even think of my knee. I do everything with it. What Dr. Viola did was superb. He understood my passion about participating in sports. Dr. Viola is compassionate, and his caring manner is phenomenal." If you see an older gentleman swooshing to your aid on the ski slopes, it just may be Rod.


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