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Concussion Management Program on Thursday, September 6th, 7:30-9 pm at RHS, presented by Dr. Michael Brand, Orthopedic Surgeon and Sports Medicine Specialist, Dr. Neil Culligan, Neurologist and RHS Athletic Director, Carl Charles

Dr. Michael Brand of The Sports Medicine Center at Danbury Orthopedics, and Dr. Neil Culligan of Associated Neurologists will speak Thursday night on current concepts in the treatment of concussions in high school athletes. The presentation, which is open to the public, will take place at the RHS Auditorium at 7:30 pm.

The presentation will address recent developments in the diagnosis and care of head injuries, prevention techniques, potential complications, on field and return to play considerations, as well as the role of neurocognitive testing.

Dr. Michael Brand, Sports Medicine Specialist, Knee and Shoulder Surgeon and RHS Team Physician, works closely with the high school's Athletic Department and Athletic Director, Carl Charles, to implement programs to provide a safe environment for the school's athletes, including working with the coaches and trainers to determine when it is safe for student athletes to return to play after sustaining a head injury or concussion.

Dr. Neil Culligan has expertise in neuromuscular disease and vascular neurology, and recently established the Western CT Concussion Center at Associated Neurologists. The Center provides a multidisciplinary approach to concussion treatment, including diagnosis, cognitive testing, guidelines for school or work and rehabilitative services.

Parents of high school athletes will find this presentation especially informative. Contact information for the physicians can be found on their websites: for Dr. Brand and Danbury Orthopedics at www.myorthoct.com, and for Dr. Culligan and Associated Neurologists at www.associatedneurologists.org.