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June 02, 2020

Outside view of OrthoConnecticut EntranceOrthoConnecticut, the region’s leading orthopedic specialty practice, will fully reopen their Danbury, New Milford, Southbury, Ridgefield, Litchfield and Sharon offices by June 15th.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, OrthoConnecticut has only been open for emergencies, limited in-office appointments and telemedicine appointments since early March. “We are excited to get back to work,” says OrthoConnecticut President, Michael Brand, M.D. “The safety of our patients and staff is our highest priority, and we are looking forward to caring for patients with injuries or postponed surgeries. We know everyone is eager to return to some sense of a normal routine and to more activity. Our reopening plans and extended office hours allow us to fully attend to our patients’ needs, while abiding by all safety protocols.”

New Safety Precautions in Place

Patients can be assured that the safety and well-being of the community is always OrthoConnecticut’s utmost priority, and now more than ever, the practice is taking further precautions to ensure safety. All providers and staff are required to wear masks and personal protective equipment (PPE). The practice is implementing the strictest cleaning measures, systematically sanitizing patient rooms and workspaces.

Upon arrival, patients will be screened for symptoms of illness and the number of patients allowed in an office at any one time is limited. New, plexiglass desk dividers limit exposure between patients and staff during the registration and check out process. Spacious offices enable easy social distancing, particularly in the Danbury office. Patients scheduled for surgery will be required to be tested for Covid-19 and should discuss this with their surgeon ahead of time.

Since 1954, OrthoConnecticut has been dedicated to providing both operative and non-operative solutions to musculoskeletal issues, diagnosing and treating orthopedic issues that affect mobility and quality of life. Currently, the Danbury, New Milford, and Sharon offices are open Monday thru Friday 8-5. For appointments in Ridgefield, Southbury or Litchfield please visit the website or call the office for the current schedule.

Dr. Brand continues, “The practice’s physicians and staff are grateful to the community for its patience during this unusual time and for their continued trust in our practice”.

OrthoCare Express, the practice’s orthopedic urgent care service, remains open Monday through Friday, 8 am - 5 pm in Danbury and New Milford, and 9 am -3 pm in Danbury on weekends. Telemedicine appointments continue to be available for non-immediate care and consultations, please call 203-797-1500 or 860-355-8000 to schedule an appointment.

For more information or to make an in-office or telemedicine appointment, please call us at 203-797-1500, or visit us at

April 03, 2020

OrthoConnecticut patient participating in telemedicine appointmentRidgefield, CT (April 2, 2020)- In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, OrthoConnecticut is now offering telemedicine -  virtual visits which enable you to see an orthopedic surgeon from the privacy & safety of your own home or office.

Did you know that many orthopedic issues, including some urgent issues, can be diagnosed using telemedicine appointments? You can get the specialized orthopedic care you need during this period of physical distancing and staying close to home. Telemedicine is simple to use, and the secure video conferencing technology can be used with any device.

Telemedicine Benefits

  • Get a diagnosis on new musculoskeletal issues
  • Follow up on an existing issue
  • Get post-surgical advice from your own physician
  • Practice physical distancing without reducing your quality of care
  • Review diagnostic tests such as x-rays and MRIs during a telemedicine visit
  • Simple and easy scheduling
  • Insurance processing for telemedicine and in-office visits are the same

How it Works

To schedule your telemedicine appointment with a specialist, call the number for the office location of your choice. All Telemedicine appointments must be booked by phone:





New Milford   


Pain Center


Our staff will help schedule your virtual appointment. A consent form and step-by-step directions will then be sent to you, explaining exactly how to perform a virtual visit with our physicians.  

OrthoConnecticut will continue to provide quality care while keeping our patients and staff safe by limiting unnecessary risk and exposure.  The practice appreciates the community’s patience while we navigate this unprecedented environment.

About OrthoConnecticut

OrthoConnecticut is the region’s premier, multi-specialty orthopedic practice, helping patients regain mobility, lead active lives, and attain optimal well-being. The practice’s urgent care service, OrthoCare Express, is open 7 days a week for emergencies and is available in Danbury, Darien, New Milford, Norwalk and Westport. To make a telemedicine appointment with any of the practice’s specialists, or to learn more visit or call 1.833.ORTHOCT (1.833.678.4628).  
March 30, 2020

Be safe while hiking and enjoying the great outdoors

Father and daughter walking on a pathPublished in Ridgefield's HamletHub, 3/30/2020

Cancelled. Closed. We’ve been hearing those words a lot lately. One thing that’s still open? The Great Outdoors. The team at OrthoConnecticut believes it’s important to get out and enjoy fresh air for your physical and mental well-being. Whether you choose to hike on one of our beautiful local trails or simply rediscover the nature around you in your own neighborhood, follow these simple guidelines to stay safe and injury free:

  • Always check the weather to avoid surprise conditions
  • When possible, go with a partner… but these days, make sure it’s a family member
  • Practice physical distancing. Be sure to give fellow runners, walkers and hikers a wide berth – at least six feet
  • Wear supportive shoes and comfortable socks to avoid blisters
  • Bring a small backpack with water, first aid supplies, and a map or compass if exploring an unfamiliar area
  • Don’t forget to apply sunscreen and bug spray, and as the weather warms, check for ticks when you get home
  • Look before you step – keeping your eyes wide open and alert will help avoid accidents

Enjoying the outdoors is a great way to get exercise, fresh air, and to connect with your family.  “In times of stress and uncertainty, one of the best things you can do is spend time outside and get some exercise,” says Dr. Michael Brand, Sports Medicine Specialist and President of OrthoConnecticut. “We are fortunate to have a wealth of resources around us and I encourage all patients to keep moving and enjoy the fresh air while practicing physical distancing.”

Take your mind off your newsfeed and soak up some natural vitamin D. Here are some additional tips for longer hikes: Hiking Tips. If you run into trouble and experience a fall, twist, break or sprain, and need medical attention, there’s no need to stress about going to the emergency room. You can visit OrthoCare Express, our orthopedic urgent care service, in Danbury (2 Riverview Drive) or New Milford (131 Kent Rd), or schedule a virtual telemedicine appointment. Our orthopedic specialists will promptly evaluate your injury and get you started on your path to recovery as quickly as possible. For emergencies, click HERE. For a telemedicine appointment, click HERE. Stay safe and be well.  
March 18, 2020

OrthoConnecticut once again received top honors in 2020 from Castle Connolly Medical Ltd, Vitals, and Healthgrades in the field of Orthopedic Surgery and Interventional Pain Management. Congratulations to our physicians for individual recognitions as Castle Connolly’s 2020 Top Doctors for Fairfield County and New York Metro areas, Vitals 2020 Patients’ Choice and On-Time Physician awards, and Healthgrades Honor Roll designation.

Every year for almost a decade Castle Connolly’s Top Doctors honors have been given to OrthoConnecticut physicians Dr. Brian A. Bast, Dr. Michael Brand, Dr. Jeffrey V. DeLucaDr. Joseph DiGiovanni, Dr. Joshua B. FrankDr. Ross Henshaw, Dr. John G. Lunt, and Dr. Robert Yaghoubian. These physician's specialties include sports medicine, treatment and surgery for elbow, foot, hand, hip, knee, shoulder, upper extremity issues, total joint and reconstructive surgery, and interventional pain management.

Every January Moffly Media also publishes Castle Connolly’s Regional Top Doctors from in Greenwich Magazine, Stamford Magazine and New Canaan/Darien Magazine.

In more good news, the physicians at OrthoConnecticut were also among the winners of the 2020 Vitals Patients’ Choice Awards and 2020 Vitals On-Time Physician Awards. Vitals Patients’ Choice winners are chosen annually according to the overall rating a doctor receives from his or her patients for the calendar year. Awards are given for Compassionate Doctor, On-Time Physician, and Patient’s Choice. At OrthoConnecticut, Dr. Brian A. Bast, Dr. Angelo Ciminiello, Dr. Mark J. Fletcher, Dr. Aaron N. Insel and Dr. Paul D. Protomastro have been recognized by Vitals with both Patients’ Choice and On-Time Physicians awards. Dr. Michael M. Lynch and Dr. Robert Yaghoubian won a Vitals Patient’s Choice award.

The physicians at OrthoConnecticut were also named to the Healthgrades Honor Roll. Awards were given to Dr. Brian A. Bast, Dr. Michael Brand, Dr. Angelo Ciminiello, Dr. Jeffrey V. Deluca, Dr. James Depuy, Dr. Robert T. Deveney, Dr. Joseph DiGiovanni, Dr. John Dunleavy, Dr. Mark Fletcher, Dr. Joshua B. Frank, Dr. Edton Ganal, Dr. Ross Henshaw, Dr. Jesse T. Hochkeppel, Dr. Aaron N. Insel, Dr. John G. Lunt, Dr. Michael Lynch, Dr. John Mullen, Dr. Paul Protomastro, Dr. Randolph Sealey, Dr. Michael G. Soojian and Dr. Robert Yaghoubian.

These awards and recognition clearly speak to the very high quality of training and experience held by the practice. OrthoConnecticut’s team includes specialists in every orthopedic discipline, providing the finest orthopedic diagnostic and treatment and the most modern technique available today.

For more information, or to make an appointment with any of the award-winning OrthoConnecticut physicians, please visit or call 1.833.ORTHOCT.

About OrthoConnecticut

OrthoConnecticut is the regional leader in non-surgical and surgical orthopedic care. Experienced, and highly trained orthopedic surgeons and physician assistants help patients regain mobility, lead active lives, and attain optimal well-being. 29 fellowship-trained, board-certified and board-eligible physicians see patients at conveniently accessible offices in Danbury, Darien, New Milford, Litchfield, Norwalk, Ridgefield, Sharon, Southbury, and Westport. The practice also offers orthopedic urgent care, 7 days a week, at locations in Danbury, Darien, New Milford, Norwalk and Westport. More info at or call 1.833.ORTHOCT.The Top Doctors award is only given to leaders nominated by their peers and extensively screened by the Castle Connolly physician-led research team for their medical educations, training, hospital appointments, professional achievements, reputation, disciplinary histories, and much more. Only then do the very best physicians in their specialties and in their communities get selected for this accolade. Physicians do not and cannot pay to be included in any Castle Connolly Guide or online directory.

March 02, 2020

When your knee goes POP: OrthoConnecticut Talks ACL Injury

From Hamlet Hub

“POP” – You Tore Your ACL! Now what?

active man in park displays knee painImagine this … you’re out for a walk, or playing sports, and quickly pivot changing direction, maybe misstep or fall and hit your knee – and then you feel or hear a popping sound.

It’s likely you tore or sprained your ACL (anterior cruciate ligament). It’s a very common injury, especially in females, because the ACL is the major stabilizing ligament of the knee connecting the femur (thighbone) to the tibia (shin).

Here are a few common symptoms of an ACL tear or sprain.

  • Popping sound or feel, often when pivoting direction
  • Pain – no pain – both are possible symptoms. Did you know that the ACL ligament has no nerves ending at it? Counterintuitively, a partial ACL tear that has ligament tension may have severe pain, whereas a full ACL tear with no ligament tension may not hurt.
  • Rapid and acute knee swelling
  • Stiff knee and reduced range of motion
  • Feeling of instability when bearing weight, and maybe a grinding sensation

Next steps?

  • Ice
  • Compress
  • Elevate swollen knee
  • See a doctor!

Don’t wait to be evaluated. With an ACL injury, it’s important to be examined by a skilled, board-certified Sports Medicine Specialist, who is also an Orthopedic Surgeon. Due to lack of blood supply to the ligament, a torn ACL cannot heal on its own. An ACL injury may also require surgery whereas a sprained (or stretched) ACL ligament may have additional healing options and protocols.

During your visit, an Orthopedist will compare your knees, review your symptoms, and manually test the integrity and stability of the ACL. To confirm diagnosis, an x-ray will be taken, but also an ultrasound and/or MRI may be needed to check for additional injury to bone, cartilage or menisci. Should your injury occurs after hours, go to an Orthopedic Urgent Care walk in center, such as OrthoCare Express, staffed by experienced Orthopedic professionals.

You’ve been diagnosed: 3 Approaches to Consider

Treatment recommendations depend on patient need, age, activity level, general health, and assessed stability of the knee. The goal is to get patients properly walking again.

Nonsurgical options. Good for ACL sprains and smaller ACL tears, depending on lifestyle. These could include a brace to stabilize the knee, physical rehabilitation, and pain relief advice. Consider this if you don’t participate in knee-straining sports, are less active, or want to wait-and-see if you can avoid surgery.

Surgery. Often advised earlier for younger, physically active, and elite athlete patients with a complete (or partial) ACL tear, and additional knee damage. ACL reconstruction involves replacing or repairing the ACL, followed by physical rehabilitation, and can take up to a year to fully recover. An additional benefit is it can also help avoid or delay osteoarthritic complications arising from additional meniscus or cartilage damage that may occur over time.

Age is not the determining factor in ACL surgery anymore. Active people in their 40s, 50s, and beyond, with minimal arthritis, are having ACL reconstruction because of improved surgical techniques and increased activity during aging. ACL surgery will not be helpful if you have extensive arthritis.

Wait-and-see approach. If your specialist recommends a wait-and-see approach instead of early surgery, a scientific study published in The New England Journal of Medicine backs that up. After following 121 young, active adults randomized to surgical or nonsurgical treatments and followed for two years, they concluded nonsurgical treatment with rehab substantially reduced frequency of surgical reconstructions.

OrthoConnecticut Can Help

OrthoConnecticut is the region’s leading orthopedic practice. Our physicians and physician assistants are available to help if you’ve injured your ACL. We will help you understand all your options to you get moving again. Contact us today for an appointment and #getmovingCT.