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February 14, 2019

Dr. Paul's Video on Snow Shoveling Tips to Protect the Back

January 10, 2019
It’s winter time, which means cold, snow, and ice are here to stay for a while. With all the fun winter has in store, it also means that more accidents can happen.

Ankle injury while snow skiing

Here are a few tips to help you stay healthy this season:

  • Walk on footpaths where there is no ice to get better traction.
  • When using stairs outdoors, take slow, shorter steps and hold an available hand rail.
  • Bend with your knees when snow shoveling.
  • When the path to your destination is slick, be careful about lifting or carrying heavy objects, such as luggage or gear, as you are more likely to slip. Ask for help when available.
  • Wear helmets when doing outdoor sports such as ice skating, sledding or skiing.
  • Warm up before participating in outdoor sports. Warm muscles are less likely to get injured.
  • Drink plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration while doing outdoor activities.

Accidents Happen.

It’s important to have fun and enjoy your favorite activities in these winter months, but if you find yourself needing immediate care, OrthoCare Express is an excellent option. OrthoCare Express is the walk-in, orthopedic-specific urgent care service of OrthoConnecticut, the region’s leading multispecialty orthopedic practice. OrthoCare Express has convenient locations in Danbury, Darien, Norwalk and Westport, providing Fairfield and Westchester County residents with direct access to Orthopedic Surgeons and orthopedically-trained Physician Assistants who can immediately diagnose and treat the full range of orthopedic emergencies, from broken bones from falls on the ice to knee ligament injuries from skiing.

Many urgent care offices exist, but OrthoCare Express is unique in that it is “orthopedic focused” which enables patients to avoid the step of seeing a generalist at another urgent care office who is not qualified to diagnose a musculoskeletal injury or ailment. A walk-in appointment at OrthoCare Express ensures that the patient promptly sees a highly trained, Board Certified orthopedic specialist or PA the first time - saving time, money and limiting the often painful interim period until treatment is delivered.

“We are delighted to be able to provide the finest orthopedic care on an emergency basis to people across Fairfield and Litchfield Counties in Connecticut, and to Westchester County in New York, states Sports Medicine specialist, Dr. Michael Brand. “Having trained, orthopedic specialists available so readily for emergency care has made OrthoCare Express desirable for patients driving from as far as 30-50 miles away and our 4 locations meet the growing demand,” he adds.

OrthoCare Express does not require an appointment. With on-site digital X-ray and all the resources to cast or brace right in the office, an emergency visit to OrthoCare Express provides the most efficient emergency orthopedic service in the region.

So, stay safe by being prepared and cautious so that you can enjoy all that winter has to offer. However, if you find yourself needing immediate orthopedic attention, skip the ER and go straight to the source at OrthoCare Express in Danbury, Darien, Norwalk and Westport. For more information and specific locations hours, visit https://myorthoct.com/orthocare-express.

December 18, 2018
Hospital program meets the needs of the growing demand for Joint Replacement Surgery

For Immediate Release

Drs Deveney and DunleavyDrs Deveney and DunleavyDecember 18, 2018 – Danbury CT: The Danbury Hospital Joint and Spine Institute’s new Total Joint Program recently launched as part of its ongoing commitment to offer the most advanced surgical expertise for replacement surgeries, enhance patient experience and improve outcomes. OrthoConnecticut surgeons Dr. Robert Deveney and Dr. John Dunleavy are pleased to be part of the team that offers state-of-the-art diagnosis and treatment and helps patients return to significantly improved mobility and quality of life.

Dr. Dunleavy and Dr. Deveney have served as part of a team of area physicians helping to establish the protocols for Danbury Hospital’s Total Joint standardized care plan. “We are pleased to offer our patients comprehensive, personalized care from the beginning of their journey through to their recovery,” said Total Joint Specialist, Dr. John Dunleavy.

Danbury Hospital cares for over 900 total joint patients each year and patient education has always been a core focus. The patient care plan includes a mandatory pre-op class, early mobility, access to less invasive surgical techniques, pain management resources and standardized care for optimal patient recovery.

The Joint and Spine Institute’s Total Joint Program at the Hospital has a dedicated unit with 12 private patient rooms and a specialized team of nurses, physical and occupational therapists. This environment gives patients the confidence they need to feel secure going into surgery. Educating the patient about all aspects of the care is an essential part of the caregiver’s directive and customizing care is a top priority. Both emotional and physical needs are addressed at the outset and throughout the care spectrum.

OrthoConnecticut is excited to continue their work with Danbury Hospital’s Total Joint Program as part of the core specialty team ready to meet the demands of the aging population and the growing need for replacement surgery in our community.

About OrthoConnecticut

OrthoConnecticut is the region’s premier, multi-specialty orthopedic and pain management practice, helping patients regain mobility, lead active lives, and attain optimal well-being. It is the combined practice of Danbury Orthopedics, New Milford Orthopedics, Coastal Orthopedics and CT Pain Care. 31 fellowship-trained, board-certified physicians offer patient care at 9 offices in Danbury, Darien, Litchfield, New Milford, Norwalk, Ridgefield, Sharon, Southbury, and Westport. The practice’s urgent care service, OrthoCare Express, is open 7 days a week for emergencies and is available in Danbury, Darien, Norwalk and Westport. To make an appointment with any of the practice’s specialists, or to learn more about OrthoCare Express, please visit https://www.myorthoct.com/ or call 1.833.ORTHOCT (1.833.678.4628).

October 22, 2018

OrthoConnecticut Westport LocationOrthoConnecticut Coastal Orthopedics is celebrating its 1-Year Anniversary in its beautiful, customized offices with serene outdoor spaces and sweeping views of the Saugatuck River in Westport. In its first year, this group saw 2,500 patients in over 5,000 appointments – 400 of which were able to walk-in for urgent care without appointments. The group has been part of the Westport community since 1963 with offices previously at the Willows Medical Center.

OrthoConnecticut Coastal Orthopedics has set up this modern, state-of-the-art facility to take care of patients with any type of musculoskeletal issues. The facility is equipped with x-ray equipment and up-to-date facilities for specialized orthopedic care. There is a spacious physical therapy center on-site which provides rehabilitation services and direct communication with your orthopedic provider as well as very close relationships with most primary care physicians in the area to keep your doctor informed of your progress.

Many patients come to OrthoConnecticut Coastal Orthopedics from other generalized walk-in providers or from emergency rooms not equipped to treat orthopedic issues and injuries. As a result, OrthoConnecticut set up their urgent care walk-in service, OrthoCare Express, to treat these patients by allowing them to see a surgeon, get x-rays, physical exam, diagnosis and proper treatment direct from the experts first. It offers convenience and expertise not available elsewhere. To make OrthoCare Express more accessible, it is open 7 days per week: weekdays and Sunday for patients to walk-in without appointments when they need to in Westport. Their Norwalk office is open on Saturday. Additionally, the Danbury OrthoCare Express urgent care service is open for emergencies Monday through Friday, 8 am to 8 pm and Saturday and Sunday from 10 am – 3 pm, at 2 Riverview Drive, in Danbury.

OrthoConnecticut Coastal Orthopedics’ Westport office is conveniently located easily off the CT Turnpike or from the Post Road. It is close to everything – shopping, restaurants and many local destinations. Yoga pants welcomed!

For more information, visit OrthoConnecticut Coastal Orthopedics at 323 Riverside Avenue, Westport Center for Health, Westport or call 203.845.2200. OrthoConnecticut Coastal Orthopedics also has offices in Norwalk and Darien, and the practice has other offices in Ridgefield, Danbury, Litchfield, New Milford, Sharon, and Southbury. Visit myorthoct.com for more information on any of our physicians and locations.

August 24, 2018

Litchfield, CT – OrthoConnecticut, the combined practice of New Milford Orthopedics, Danbury Orthopedics, Connecticut Pain Care and Coastal Orthopedics, is hosting a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on Monday, August 27th at 5pm. This event will officially recognize the OrthoConnecticut Litchfield office which opened its doors this past spring. The Northwest CT Chamber of Commerce as well as Litchfield’s First Selectman, Leo Paul, will officiate the ceremony.

OrthoConnecticut’s newest office is staffed by four fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeons with areas of expertise in Sports Medicine, Hand and Upper Extremity issues, Total Joint Replacement, Spine, Shoulder and Foot and Ankle issues. The new, conveniently-located facility offers on-site X-ray facilities and is open Monday to Friday from 8am – 5pm.

 “We are excited to see patients in the Litchfield community to accommodate the growing need for Orthopedic specialty care in the region,” explains Dr. Michael Brand, President of OrthoConnecticut.
Please, join us for light hors d’oeuvres and refreshments to commemorate the opening of this new location at 338 Bantam Road. For appointments, call 1.833.ORTHOCT (1.833.678.4628)or visit www.myorthct.com.

For walk-in orthopedic urgent care on weekends (10 am – 3 pm) and evenings (until 8 pm), visit OrthoConnecticut’s OrthoCare Express office at 2 Riverview Drive in Danbury.

About OrthoConnecticutOrthoConnecticut is the combined practice of New Milford Orthopedics, Danbury Orthopedics, Coastal Orthopedics, and Connecticut Pain Care, where 31 fellowship-trained, Board-certified physicians provide care in ten office locations. The goal of the practice is to help patients regain mobility, lead active lives, and attain optimal health. Offices are located in Danbury, Darien, Litchfield, New Milford, Norwalk, Ridgefield, Sharon, Southbury, and Westport. To schedule an appointment with any of the physicians at OrthoConnecticut (New Milford Orthopedics/Danbury Orthopedics), please visit myorthoct.com or call 1.833.ORTHOCT (1.833.678.4628)

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