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October 06, 2021

Spine ailments are common – don’t wait to get help.

dr atanda and dr paul review imagesOh, my aching neck and back! Ever hear or think that, or see someone walking around with a curved back, or a child in a back brace? Wonder what is causing those aches, pains, or conditions? Sure, it could be muscular, and a good massage or some R&R is all you need, but it could also be structural and stem from the spine. Don’t live with pain when a timely and accurate diagnosis can get you back to doing the things you love.

The most common spinal conditions seen by our physicians, Justin Paul, MD, PhD and Abiola Atanda, MD, of the OrthoConnecticut Spine team are disc herniations, stenosis, spondylolisthesis, vertebral compression fractures, spinal trauma, spine deformity, kyphosis, and scoliosis.

Typical age-related spinal issues arise from cartilage degeneration, arthritic joints, discs wearing down or shrinking, or the narrowing of the spinal canal in our neck or back. Decreasing bone mass, or osteoporosis, also leaves us more vulnerable to fractures, even with a low impact injury or fall.

Abnormal curvatures of the spine, or a spine deformity, are common in both children and adults. This could cause a change in posture and fatigue. In children, the curvature could progress particularly around growth spurt. While in adults, this could cause debilitating back pain and at times, compression on the nerves.

Today we don’t need to live with spine deformity or pain. Visit the highly trained Spine Team at OrthoConnecticut, the region’s premier, multi-specialty orthopedic practice, online here or call 203-797-1500 to make your appointment today.

September 22, 2021

dr atanda and dr paulRobotic-Assisted Spine Surgery conjures up a question mark in most people’s minds. Many people wonder “Is a robot operating on my spine?” The short answer is a firm NO!

Ordinarily, when a person thinks of a robot they picture a little human-like machine that might look like a person and move like a person but it is really an advanced piece of equipment intelligently programmed to perform human tasks. In this case, robotic-assisted spine surgery is performed by a highly trained physician who uses the aid of robotic technology to enhance precision during surgery. A robot supports the surgeon, not the other way around.

Our physicians, Justin Paul, MD, PhD and Abiola Atanda, MD, of the OrthoConnecticut Spine team are highly trained in minimally invasive robotic-assisted surgery. This advanced technology means greater accuracy during surgical procedures and improved outcomes for our patients. Minimally invasive techniques aid the surgeon’s ability to provide pinpoint precision. Other advantages of minimally invasive surgery include a lower risk of infection, faster recovery time, less scarring, and possibly less time in the hospital.

So when your surgeon mentions robotic-assisted surgery don’t automatically assume that even medicine has been taken over by machines. In truth, robots are your surgeon’s friends helping them be as skilled as possible to help you get back to doing what you love.

September 13, 2021

OrthoCT Spine Team 1631307666So many people suffer with all types of back pain, and it often gets in the way of doing simple daily activities or causes problems performing at work. OrthoConnecticut's Spine Team is highly regarded as one of the finest in the region, and our physicians, Justin Paul, MD, PhD and Abiola Atanda, MD, care for patients of all ages with debilitating or simple spine issues. Contrary to what you may believe, the majority of spine patients are treated without surgery, and when surgery is required, the practice uses minimally invasive procedures whenever possible.

Older adults commonly have age-related back, neck, and spinal pain or stiffness from cartilage, joints, and discs wearing down from everyday usage or losing water and shrinking as we age. Over time, we can also experience narrowing of the space around our spine, or spinal stenosis, which puts pressure on the spinal cord and/or spinal nerves causing symptoms ranging from pain, numbness, tingling to progressive loss of function. Spinal arthritis, also a degenerative condition, can occur when the joints above and below the vertebrae begin to degenerate. In addition to age-related wearing down of the disc and other tissues, this can result in an abnormal curvature of the spine, commonly referred to as Degenerative Scoliosis. This condition can cause a debilitating functional problem. Some adults experience decreased bone mass – osteopenia or osteoporosis, which leaves us more vulnerable to vertebral fractures even with a low-impact injury or fall.

If you experience neck and back pain, don’t ignore it! If it’s age-related or due to injury, there are many treatments that can help and it doesn’t necessarily mean you need surgery. Our Spine Team is here to help you get back to living the life you love!

September 03, 2021

Abiola_A._AtandaOrthoConnecticut is delighted to welcome Spine Specialist Abiola A. Atanda, M.D. to the Spine Team. Dr. Atanda will be seeing patients in Danbury, Southbury, and New Milford.

He is trained in adult and pediatric spine surgery by the world-renowned Norton Leatherman Spine Center in Louisville, Kentucky.

Dr. Atanda is committed to using the latest technological skills to provide positive outcomes for his patients. Some of his specializations include robotic-assisted surgery, degenerative and deformity surgery, and treatment for spinal stenosis, spondylolisthesis, disc herniation, trauma, tumors, and infections of the spine. Dr. Atanda’s expertise and specialty training will be a strong addition to OrthoConnecticut’s already comprehensive spine services.

Dr. Atanda’s prior experience and recognitions highlight his compassion and motivation to help others. He spent April of the past year volunteering as a visiting academic physician at FOCOS Orthopaedic Hospital in Ghana. Dr. Atanda has also been recognized as the recipient of the Carl J. Herzog Presidential Award, the Dorothy M. Forde-Bolden MD Award, and graduated Fisk University with Beta Kappa Chi National Honors.

To make an appointment with Dr. Atanda, or any of the other OrthoConnecticut physicians, or to learn more, visit or call 1.833.ORTHOCT (1-833-678-4628).

August 27, 2021

OrthoConnecticut is proud to announce that fourteen of their board-certified orthopedic surgeons, hand surgeons, and sports medicine physicians received 2021 Top Doctor recognition from Connecticut Magazine, Moffly Media, and Castle Connolly Top Doctors.

Every year for at least a decade, Castle Connolly Top Doctors awards have been given to OrthoConnecticut’s physicians for their medical expertise and excellence including the 2021 honorees: Brian A. Bast, D.O., M.D., Michael G. Brand, M.D., Angelo Ciminiello, M.D., Jeffrey V. DeLuca, M.D., Joseph DiGiovanni, M.D., Mark J. Fletcher, M.D., Joshua B. Frank, M.D., Edmund A. Ganal, M.D., Ross Henshaw, M.D., John G. Lunt, M.D., Michael M. Lynch, M.D., Michael G. Soojian, M.D., Robert Yaghoubian, M.D., and Aaron N. Insel, M.D. who is also a Castle Connolly Rising Stars for 2021.

The Top Doctors distinction is a physician-peer nominated, rigorously screened and vetted honor from the renowned research team at Castle Connolly that no one can pay to receive. Before a doctor is selected, careful screening is conducted which includes review of education, training, as well as professional expertise. The Castle Connolly Top Doctors are amongst those most highly regarded by their peers.

Learn more about OrthoConnecticut 2021 Top Doctors in Connecticut Magazine’s 2021Top Doctors June issue, and Moffly Media’s Fairfield County Top Doctors 2021 January regional issues: Stamford Magazine, Greenwich Magazine, New Canaan/Darien + Rowayton Magazine, Westport Magazine.