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Danbury Orthopedics Announces Leading-Edge Procedure - Dr. Angelo Ciminiello Performs First All Inside ACL Reconstruction in the Area

Danbury, CT (March 26th, 2013) – Sports Medicine specialist Dr. Angelo Ciminiello of Danbury Orthopedics recently performed a new type of surgery called the All Inside ACL Reconstruction. This technique, which utilizes novel arthroscopic instrumentation, is a less invasive way of repairing a tear so that patients experience less trauma and an easier recovery. 

As one of the first doctors in Connecticut to perform this type of procedure, Dr. Ciminiello is on the leading edge of his field. This minimally invasive technique may reduce swelling, soft tissue hematomas and can simplify the rehabilitative process. 

Dr. Ciminiello recently performed this procedure on a young active patient who was incapacitated by her ACL tear. “The All Inside ACL technique is an excellent procedural choice to repair this patient’s ACL as it allows for a less invasive solution, less postoperative pain and a more timely recovery - all crucial elements in her decision to move forward to a fully functional life.” He adds, “I am pleased to be offering this state of the art surgical technique as part of the broad array of services we offer through The Sports Medicine Center at Danbury Orthopedics.”

All Inside ACL Reconstruction is a special way to rebuild a torn anterior cruciate ligament. Using this technique, Dr. Ciminiello performs the surgery arthroscopically to avoid the standard larger incisions. The ACL is reconstructed using either the patients’s own tissue, or cadaveric tissue, to make a new ACL. Like other ACL reconstructions two bone tunnels are prepared, one in the femur and one in the tibia, to secure the new ligament. Instead of drilling these tunnels through larger incisions from the outside of the knee, the tunnels are prepared through the small arthroscopic portals utilizing special instruments from the inside of the knee; the new ligament is also secured from the inside of the knee. The patient enjoys the same benefits of a traditional ACL reconstruction in addition to reduced recovery time and smaller scars. 

Danbury Orthopedics pioneered the implementation of revolutionary surgical procedures in the area and Dr. Ciminiello’s use of this innovative procedure continues this tradition of excellence. For Dr. Ciminiello’s YouTube video depicting this case, please click here.