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OrthoConnecticut's Dr. Dunleavy discusses how seniors can stay active and fit in the Fall, safely during Covid-19.

Golden Years 2020As seen in "Fitness in the Fall" article (pages 1 and 4) from Golden Years Magazine, September 2020 issue:

John P. Dunleavy, MD, FAAOS, an orthopedic surgeon for OrthoConnecticut, Danbury, treats many senior patients who are looking to stay active. “The first thing I say to patients is whatever you can do to stay active you should do, even if it’s only taking a little walk,” he said. “There’s no such thing as doing too little. If all they can do is walk around their neighborhood, that works. A lot of times walking on flat ground is much easier, so

sometimes folks will go to the mall or the local high school track to avoid hills.”

Activities that keep the joints moving without applying too much pressure are ideal, such as walking and swimming, Dunleavy continued. Taking an aquatic fitness class is a good option, he said, as “the water workouts reduce gravity’s effects and are easier on the joints.”

Dunleavy recommended working out with a friend as part of a routine to help you stick with the exercises. “In a gym, elliptical equipment and stationary bikes allow for low-impact aerobic exercise, among other examples,” he added.

“Yoga is also a good workout,” Dunleavy said. “Wear and tear of our joints is a normal part of aging. Not everyone is affected in the same way or as severely. But low-impact exercises tend to benefit patients with all degrees of arthritis.”

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