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OrthoConnecticut announces that Dr. Daniel Southern has been approved as a Regenexx® affiliate to provide state-of-the-art stem cell procedures to treat acute and chronic conditions including sports injuries and arthritis. Regenexx logo

Regenexx® is the acknowledged leader in the field of Interventional Orthopedics. Regenexx® is the first nationwide group of medical doctors dedicated to practicing advanced stem cell treatment. The approval of Dr. Southern makes OrthoConnecticut the only Regenexx® affiliate in the state. Stem cell procedures are now offered at the Pain Center of OrthoConnecticut at their new 2 Riverview Drive office complex in Danbury.

syringe from Southerns PPTRegenexx® is a pioneer in this new field of orthopedics. It differs from surgery by using only needles to inject a patient’s own cells to repair injuries in the body. By using only needles through the skin, the procedure causes little injury and little to no recovery time.

Regenexx® follows patient outcomes on every procedure done through their network and publishes this data on the success of their treatments at Connecticut patients undergoing procedures will be added to this data base.

Dr. Southern did his fellowship training in Spine and Sports Medicine at the Hospital for Special Surgery.

Join Dr. Southern for a free seminar. Please call 203-456-5717 or 203-702-6629 to register.

Tuesdays at 6 p.m. at OrthoConnecticut Pain Center
2 Riverview Drive, Danbury, CT 06810