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Total Ankle Replacement

There are many forms of arthritis with the most common type being osteoarthritis. Regardless of the form, these are progressive diseases for which we have yet to find cures.

Joint degeneration involves changes in the cartilage surface of the joint, the underlying bone, and the integrity of the surrounding soft tissues, leading to pain, stiffness, and sometimes instability, if wear of the joint occurs in an uneven pattern. These changes can have a devastating effect on a patient’s lifestyle and ability to work. Furthermore, by decreasing the patient’s ability to exercise, arthritis can secondarily have a major impact on the cardiovascular system and on overall health.

Non-operative treatment of osteoarthritis focuses on decreasing symptoms. Mechanical measures such as braces and orthotics help relieve pain through improved alignment and by limiting painful joint motion. Oral and injectable intra-articular medications can reduce inflammation and pain but do not reverse the disease. Exercise and physical therapy are aimed at maintaining flexibility, strength, and stability and at preventing deconditioning.

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