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Revolutionary Custom Knee Replacement Now Available In Norwalk

Dr. Michael M. Lynch of Coastal Orthopaedics has brought new total knee joint technology to Fairfield County in the form of custom knee replacement. This new procedure promises to revolutionize knee replacements for many individuals experiencing knee pain that limits their activity in terms of what they can do physically.

A customized implant, no two alike, is manufactured with 3-D printing technology to fit each patient’s unique anatomy. Using CAT scan generated mapping, each replacement is individually sized and shaped to mimic the natural shape of a knee, which gives the patient the potential to feel and move more naturally.

In traditional knee replacement surgery, the surgeon shapes the patient’s anatomy to fit a range of sizes of premanufactured implants. Human anatomy has subtle variations that can be hard to account for with the standard technique. While they have an excellent track record in most instances, there can be problems with implant fit.

The customization of the implant also allows for less bony resection which helps to limit surgical trauma. Additionally, the instrumentation used to perform the surgery is lower profile which facilitates the use of smaller incisions. These benefits can mean less pain and faster recovery in many instances.

ConforMIS is the manufacturer who has developed the technology to create customized knee implants and surgical instrumentation that are designed to fit your knee’s natural shape and curves.

Sue, a ConforMIS iTotal recipient explains, “ Within four months I had two total knee replacement done with a custom knee replacement. To me, it was made to fit MY knee, not somebody else’s knee, not a guy’s knee, not another woman’s knee. They didn’t pull it out of a box. It was made to fit ME, and to me that made more sense.” Sue is now back running on a treadmill and swimming.

Dr. Michael M. Lynch is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon specializing in treating severe joint pain. His main objective is to restore his patient’s mobility and help them return to the lifestyle to which they were accustomed as quickly as possible. He favors non-surgical and minimally invasive surgical techniques in order to minimize the time and physical impact of treatment and recovery.

However, when osteoarthritis becomes too severe for non-surgical treatment options, you might be a candidate for knee replacement surgery (also called knee arthroplasty).

“This technology is very promising. There are studies that indicate improvements in recovery time and functional achievement. My early results are very satisfying and I am excited to offer this approach to my patients when applicable”, says Dr. Lynch.

In addition to treating patients at Coastal Orthopaedics in Norwalk, Dr. Lynch serves as Co-Director of the state-of-the-art Total Joint Replacement Center at Norwalk Hospital.

Coastal Orthopaedics offices are located in Norwalk, Darien, Westport and New Canaan. A special walk-in urgent care center known as Coastal Ortho Express is located at iPark Medical Center, 761 Main Avenue in Norwalk.

For more information or to make an appointment call 203 845-2200 or visit www.CoastalOrthoCT.com.