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Girls and Sports is a Win-Win

Schoolgirl baseball team in a team huddle with their coach Girls participating in sports is a win-win that stretches far beyond known physical aerobic benefits. Being part of a team encourages cooperation, self-reliance, confidence/self-esteem, friendships, adventure, fun, health benefits and the joy of movement and teamwork that carries into adult life. Are there obstacles? Yes! There are fewer obstacles because of Title IX, but disincentives such as cost, access, and “throws like a girl” comments still exist. Even so, the benefits certainly outweigh them.

What are some of the benefits?

According to momsTEAM, a trusted source for parents, sports benefits girls in many ways including getting through the trials of adolescence:

  • Better physical health including better self-reported health, healthier menstruation, stronger bones, and fewer chronic illnesses later in life. Even reduced cigarette/drug use and less sexual activity are linked to playing sports for girls.
  • Higher body esteem plus lower risk of obesity and sedentary lifestyle – Harvard Medical School studied girls between 5th and 12th grade and found a positive relationship between girls playing multiple sports and developing healthy eating habits with good body images.
  • Stronger grades, lower dropout rate – studies have shown higher organization in setting priorities and budgeting time, and better performance in math and science. “High school athletic participation significantly lowers the dropout rate for white females in suburban and rural schools and Latina athletes in rural schools.”
  • Deeper social networks and higher peer acceptance – team sports help develop close friendships and greater entry into the complex social hierarchies of high school. Physical activity is also linked to reduced stress, depression and teen suicides.
  • Enhanced career benefits – team sports nurtures leadership and teamwork skills, self-confidence, and broadens the ability to speak sports vernacular. Donna Lopiano, CEO of the Women's Sports Foundation, observes, "Sports is nothing more than organizing a group for high performance. And that's what businesses do."
Tips to keep girls in the game as they grow into adulthood
  • Make sure she is hydrating and participating in safe muscular warm-ups, stretching, and cool downs to reduce risk of injury.
  • Pace participation and training to her body strength and stamina.
  • Help her maintain balance between athletics in her overall repertoire of activities, R&R time, and schoolwork.
  • Keep an eye on stress and seek to main balance on girls wanting to achieve a certain level of advancement – let it be fun and a natural progression to wanting to be physically active as adults.
  • Show your girls, through your activity, that aging does not mean less activity or enjoyment of sports! And if there is pain, how to rest, ice and get help.

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