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Text Neck, It’s a Real Thing!

Man experiencing Text Neck discomfort Neck Pain? Texting too much at the wrong angle (15 to 60 degrees forward) for too long can lead to "Text Neck". Also called “Tech Neck”, it's a real, modern-age issue of neck muscle pain, headaches, and potentially "dowagers" hump.

Less common symptoms are numbness, weakness, balance issues, and jaw pain.

Adults have it. Children are now developing it, and worse still, it may impact how young bodies' grow and develop - leading to prolonged neck, shoulder, curving of the spine, and low-back issues.

Holding phones and mobile devices at different angles is linked to pounds of downward pressure exerted on the neck. Studies have shown how holding the phone at different angles varies this pressure:

  • 0-degree angle (looking straight ahead) = 10-12 lbs. pressure
  • 15-degree angle = 27 lbs. pressure
  • 30-degree angle = 40 lbs. pressure
  • 45 degrees angle = 49 lbs. pressure
  • 60 degrees angle = 60 lbs. pressure

So, what can we do to prevent pain and inflammation associated with texting, or treat it if you already have it?

Wear proper footwear. Athletic shoes or rubber soled shoes are preferred. Don’t wear sandals, open-toed shoes or shoes with slippery soles. Look for good traction. Watch out for long cords, toys, throw rugs, and other objects on the floor. Avoid wet floors and let your family members know when a floor was just mopped.

  • Use good posture: hold your phone at eye level and sit up straight
  • Take breaks and stretch your neck periodically by tilting your ear toward your shoulder and then arching the neck and upper back to lengthen and ease muscle pain
  • Exercise and stretch your neck as part of your overall exercise routine to increase neck strength and flexibility
  • Seek treatments such as joint mobilization, posture correction exercises, taping, braces, massage, posture reeducation, and pain creams. Yoga can be helpful also.
  • Consider calling instead of texting!

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