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Take precautions when cleaning and avoid orthopedic injuries

Female with back pain after dusting floor During these unusual times, we all are busy cleaning our homes and wiping off delivered packages. Be sure to take adequate precautions to avoid musculoskeletal injury as you take care of your family and home. Here are a few tips for preventing or reducing accidents from happening.

Watch Out For Falls

Wear proper footwear. Athletic shoes or rubber soled shoes are preferred. Don’t wear sandals, open-toed shoes or shoes with slippery soles. Look for good traction. Watch out for long cords, toys, throw rugs, and other objects on the floor. Avoid wet floors and let your family members know when a floor was just mopped.

Watch Your Back

Be sure to lift packages and heavy cleaning supplies safely. Bend at the knees and not at the waist and use caution when vacuuming and mopping. Avoid overly repetitive motions that can cause injury. Use a lightweight upright vacuum if possible, with handles that are comfortable to the grip. Bend your knees and use a dustpan and brush to pick up recently swept piles.

Avoid Ladder Injuries

Use sturdy ladders that are in good condition. Don’t stand on chairs, desks, boxes or other objects in order to reach high areas. Never stand on the top rung of the ladder and don't over-reach or lean too far to one side when standing on a ladder. Don’t use a step ladder as a straight ladder. Step ladders must be fully open with spreaders locked in place.

Following these simple tips can help minimize orthopedic injury while staying safe and clean at home. Should you have an injury or experience severe pain, our orthopedic surgeons are available for emergencies. Be safe and avoid the hospital emergency department, especially now while it is busy managing Covid-19 patients. Visit or our OrthoCare Express page for updated hours.

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