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Outcomes at Norwalk Hospital’s Comprehensive Joint Replacement Center

Deborah Canet, DPT, NCS, Clinical Coordinator, Comprehensive Joint Replacement Center discusses joint replacement surgery outcomes at Norwalk Hospital.


Mike’s Story: Total Knee Replacement at Norwalk Hospital

Tired of feeling constant knee pain that kept him from being active, Mike had total knee replacement surgery at Norwalk Hospital’s Joint Replacement Center.


Dr. Fletcher: I Am Grateful Every Day I Swim

Z Shoulder Test

Early in the year I was diagnosed with a torn rotator cuff, complicated with a bone spur that would catch in the tear.

I am a life-long swimmer and as a fellow athlete, Dr. Fletcher understood how important it was to me to both repair the damage and have a good recovery so that I could get “back in the water”. He assured me that would be the case if I was diligent with my post-op physical therapy. After 6 months I had most of my strength back and after a year I couldn’t tell that I’d had surgery except the very small scars on my shoulder. It’s now been 5½ years and the attached photos show how much flexibility and range of motion I still have. I am grateful every day I swim for Dr. Fletcher’s excellent work. Oh, BTW, I’m almost 62.



Patient Testimonial: Herbert’s Total Knee Replacement at Norwalk Hospital

Herbert had total knee replacement surgery at Norwalk Hospital. Hear his story and learn about orthopedic surgery at Norwalk Hospital.


Patient Testimonial: Sue’s Total Hip Replacement at Norwalk Hospital

As an avid dancer, Sue was shocked when her doctor told her she needed a hip replacement. Hear about her orthopedic surgery experience at the Joint Replacement Center at Norwalk Hospital.


Dr. Fletcher: I Rate OrthoConnecticut One of the Best

Back in December, Dr. Fletcher repaired my torn meniscus and I was extremely happy with the results and how he explained the procedure and recovery process.

He set me up with physical therapy and I did great. Unfortunately, I tore my right knee meniscus and had surgery yesterday. I went back to OrthoConnecticut because the quality of care including Dr. Fletcher, his nurse and Sarah who scheduled the procedure. All done in a professional manner. I dealt with many doctors because I worked in a law firm who handled personal injury matters and I rate OrthoConnecticut one of the best. Thank you!


Dr. Ciminiello: Thank you for a job well

You probably get this a lot but I had to let you know that my sister, niece, and I were most impressed and appreciative of your consideration and patience today.

Since my mother began to have a series of medical issues two years ago, we have had experience with a many physicians in different specialties. Most of them seemed more interested in how fast they could get in and out of the room rather than spending a few minutes to truly care and understand the issues with my mother.

Your bedside manner was like a breath of fresh air. I only regret that we did not get to spend more time together. I would have enjoyed conversing with you on other than medical topics. I wish you well in your career and hope you know I meant no disrespect in referring to you as “Ang” and “Angelo,” in fact it was just the opposite. Your compassion and skill in dealing with our concerns and questions made me feel so comfortable that I felt like I was on a friendly and personal basis with you. It seemed only natural to refer to you as I would a friend.

Again thank you for your service and consideration today. My family and I wish you all of the success in your career that you deserve.

Gordon Harris


Dr. Soojian: He took his time to explain my problem

Phenomenal Doctor! Dr. Soojian was very knowledgeable, professional and caring.

He took his time to explain what my problem was (turns out I have a trigger finger) what I could do to treat it, ultimately what he suggested, and what I should expect down the road. We went with a cortisone shot, which in my experience is not pleasant, but it was actually quick and near painless! I would definitely recommend seeing Dr. Soojian for any hand issue you may have.

By Michael C from


Dr. Frank & Dr. Lynch: Helped Our Family So Much!

The Doctors do the surgery..but it is the people like Donna, Sarah, Michele and the people at the front desk that make OrthoConnecticut work.

I would like to share my story which I hope you will pass on to Dr. Lynch, Dr. Frank and the others in the practice.

Dr. Frank, who happens to be from Philadelphia Eagles fan (I am from Pittsburgh, and a Steelers fan) drained my knee…but suggested that at some point I might need replacement surgery.

Fast forward…I did need knee replacement surgery and as my friend had used Dr. Lynch…it was to Dr. Lynch that I went to see.

Prior to my surgery Sarah was on the desk and I told her I was absolutely petrified about having surgery!..Sarah assured me things would be fine and gave me a card with her name and told me to call her if I needed any help.

Things did go well and I thank Dr. Lynch for his fine care. I recommend OrthoConnecticut to everyone I know and I also tell them about the nice people like Sarah that are the real faces of OrthoConnecticut.

Sandy B.


Lisa Cyr (Hand Center Therapist): Thank You for All You Have Done

Dear Lisa Cyr, Thank you for all you have done to help my recovery, your professional treatment, encouragement and a friend to lean on.

I wish you continued success and happiness, and personal satisfaction.



Dr. Frank: My shoulder has recovered pain free

Dr. Frank was very professional, he was upfront about every aspect of the surgery and the rehab needed.

His follow up program as very useful in my recovery. My shoulder has recovered pain free. I have and would recommended Dr. Frank to anyone needing shoulder surgery.



Dr. Frank: I Am Pain Free and Have Full Range of Motion

On December 7, Dr. Frank repaired my rotor cuff, bicep tendon, and torn labrum.

Prior to surgery Dr. Frank walked me thru (in detail) the surgical procedure, what I could expect after surgery, including post surgical pain, and my rehab plan. Surgery went well and pain levels were well managed. Five months after surgery I am pain free and have full range of motion and my strength back. Dr. Frank is a skilled surgeon and a very caring person. Anybody who needs shoulder surgery I would highly recommend Dr.Frank. Thanks Dr. Frank for all you did for me.

David M.