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We couldn’t be happier.

I went to several different doctors in Fairfield County before finding Dr. Robert Brady.

I feel SO lucky to have found him and am grateful he performed my recent spinal fusion. I know I was in the best of hands with my surgery. He is professional, compassionate, extremely skilled and smart. Dr Brady really communicates well so I understood my condition, my options, my surgery and my recovery needs. His medical assistant, PA and the rest of the staff at this office are always very kind and accommodating.

C. Hsu


Dr. Brady: Literally Changed My Life

After receiving an impact injury to my neck in the summer while playing basketball I went to OrthoConnecticut for an evaluation.

I had been referred to OrthoConnecticut and Dr. Brady by one of my good friends from MIT who is an orthopaedic surgeon on the West coast. In helping me review available physicians in the New York area, my friend strongly recommended the team at OrthoConnecticut and Dr. Brady based on his stellar track record and previous experience. In December, I underwent surgery to fuse two vertebrae in my neck after exhausting all other possible solutions. I found it extremely reassuring that Dr. Brady and the team at OrthoConnecticut helped me to arrive at the decision to undergo surgery by exhausting other options versus pushing surgery at the outset. My experience with OrthoConnecticut and Dr. Brady post surgery and during recovery has been exceptional. Going into surgery I was given a detailed explanation of the procedure and was able to better understand the recovery process afterwards. Dr. Brady and his team were always available to answer questions and assist with any concerns I had. With the OrthoConnecticut teams’ assistance I was able to make a full recovery and return to living life pain free and with limited long-term effects from the injury. I cannot speak more highly of the professionalism and capability of Dr. Brady and his team at OrthoConnecticut. They literally changed my life.

Tye Schlegelmilch


Dr. Frank: I Am Totally Satisfied

Last year I fell and completely tore my Rotator Cuff.

Dr. Frank reviewed my MRI results with me and explained my choices. He did not pressure me to have the surgery but set real expectations for life with and without the repair. He did the surgery and the recovery process was better than described. He is great. I have effectively 99% of pre surgical use/range of motion on my shoulder. I am totally satisfied with Dr. Frank and the staff at OrthoConnecticut!

Richard M.


Dr. Polifroni: Professionalism Personified

Between the two of us we have two new hips, and one treated knee… Dr. Polifroni is professionalism personified.

Stanley M. Seigel


Dr. Protomastro: Improved the Quality of My Life

For several years I suffered with pain to my shoulder and arm.

I was referred to Dr. Protomastro who performed shoulder replacement surgery. Although I was very fearful I chose to have the surgery and I am very, very happy I did so. The surgery was successful! I highly recommend OrthoConnecticut to anyone who is in need of orthopaedic surgery. The surgeons here specialize in specific areas of the body needing treatment. As far as I’m concerned Dr. Protomastro improved the quality of my life.

Antoinette L.


Dr. Markey: Kind and friendly

Dr. Markey was very kind and friendly and quickly put my seven-year-old daughter at ease when I brought her to him with a knee injury.

His expert advice and treatment resulted in her full recovery.



Dr. Brady: I Am Pain Free

I am 53 years old. I was nearly incapacitated with back pain.

Dr. Brady performed a double spinal fusion of my lumbar spine six years ago. I work full time as an emergency physician. I play lacrosse with guys 25 years younger. I coach high school wrestling and wrestle with 18 year old boys who weigh 50 lbs more than me. I am pain free thanks to Dr. Brady.

Dr. Brian McGovern


Dr. Deluca: Always very personable

I have been seeing Dr. Deluca for several years.

He diagnosed my damaged meniscus and performed knee surgery. He has attended to numerous sprains and such that come with my being a ski instructor. Always very personable and interested in how I am.



Dr. Frank: I Am Skiing Again

I am 67 years old and live in New Canaan.

I am thrilled to say that my knee surgery for a torn meniscus was a complete success. I am now pain free and think of Dr. Frank when I bound up stairs. I am skiing again.

Peter M.


Dr. Frank: Did a great job of repairing my elbow

In December I had a bad fall and broke my elbow. I’m so thankful Dr. Frank was my surgeon.

Not only did he do a great job of repairing my elbow but he was very supportive during the entire process. Anytime I had a question or concern he would get back to me right away. He also constantly stressed how important the physical therapy was and he was right.

Hannah G


Dr. Southern: Thank you for many things

One, for being an amazing doctor and doing everything you could to give me back my life. You never gave up on helping me.

Today, I stand strong and have the rest of my life to look forward to. The spinal cord stimulation by far has improved my life and has gotten me back to doing things I had stopped doing because of my pain.

The second thing I want to thank you for has to do with you taking time to come to court for me. Unfortunately, the jury did not put much value on my injury. It's sad, but the truth is I am stronger now having gone through all this. Thank you for all your support and most of all for being an amazing doctor!

My best to you always,

Lisa Coallik


Dr. Southern: The most capable care

I'm feeling just great this week!

The prescriptions you arrived at are just what I needed, even at the minimum dosages as discussed. Last week was a straight-up misery, and I understand your need for approaching my problem with caution. I'm sleeping great and feeling strong, working up to my best, activity level better than I would have expected — almost pain-free.

You are very patient and thorough, and I feel I'm in the best and most capable care with you and your office of professionals. Thank you for the relief I'm getting. I'm healing up just fine, and I couldn't be happier.

Monte Wright