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Everything after that was Fantastic!!

A little trouble finding a parking place, but Everything after that was Fantastic!!

Very busy in the waiting room but wait was not bad…Desk staff were ALL Very Nice!! Had last minute appointment with Dr. Soojian, He was very nice, remembered exactly what the problem with my hand was & gave me a virtually painless injection of cortisone. Ohhhhh hand much better!!!

Fred Belinsky


Dr. Kleeman: We all had tremendous confidence

I accompanied a patient, Luca Vignale, who had a consultation with Dr. Kleeman yesterday.

The doctor advised that a surgery was necessary, and Luca had to decide between doing it here with Dr. Kleeman or returning to his home in Italy and doing it there (he was visiting the US for four weeks as part of a leadership development program).

Luca decided to return to Italy, but I wanted to thank Dr. Kleeman and his staff for their excellent advice and care. We all had tremendous confidence in Dr. Kleeman. Luca decided to return to Italy so he could have the support of his family during and after surgery. Thank you to Dr. Kleeman and the staff for your patient attention to a visitor to our country. You made it possible for him to work through a very complicated situation.

Paul Ingram
Kravis Professor of Business
Faculty Director of the Advanced Management Program [3]
Faculty Director of the Masters of Science in Leadership Degree [4]
Columbia Business School


Dr. Soojian: Excellent doctor

Excellent doctor. Had an issue with my wrist.

Dr. Soojian diagnosed it and took out the fluid, which fixed the problem. I had almost no waiting time. He has a great approach and manner to his work. Took his time to explain what caused the fluid build-up and to explain my options and was very patient with my (many) questions. I would definitely go to him again. He also checked back in with me later to make sure I was okay.


Dr. Lunt: A true professional

Dr. Lunt performed surgery on my left hand 20 years ago, and I never had any reason see him again because the surgery went so well.

But I recently saw Dr. Lunt for a different issue and he immediately remembered me despite a different last name and twenty years' time. He not only helped me with the new issue, he also took the time to examine my left hand to be sure everything was still okay.

The fact that he remembered me— and that I've had no issues with my hand for 20 years— is a testament to Dr Lunt and his true professional care. He has the best bedside manner and takes the time to truly explain everything in full detail. Dr. Lunt is an awesome surgeon and I would recommend him to anyone.



Dr. Brady: Was Tremendously Helpful

I had my spinal fusion done in June of 2008.

I feel extremely lucky to have been under the care of Dr. Brady. He did everything possible to make the surgery go smoothly, and was tremendously helpful during my recovery. Having scoliosis was one of the most stressful experiences of my life (I was diagnosed at 11) and I’m so grateful for the care that Dr. Brady provided to both myself and my parents.

Magdalena F.


Dr. DiGiovanni: First rate!

My experience was by far the best I have ever had with health care professionals.

From the assistants at the front desk, to the technicians, to the doctors (Dr. DiGiovanni in particular, whose masterful care I have had the privilege to receive), the quality of service is first rate. I almost never take the time to do reviews. The fact that I am writing this shows how strong my endorsement is for you.

Tom C


Dr. Lynch & Dr. Brady: You Made My Dreams Reality

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Dear Dr. Lynch & Dr. Brady, I’ve been meaning to send you this note and picture.

This past November, I achieved a life-long goal of completing the NYC Marathon. The support from my friends and family got me 80% of the way but the last, crucial 20% were because of the two of you! Without having been in the hands of your expertise, my knees and back would have never survived. I’m beyond grateful everyday for doctors, specifically you both. You’ve made my dreams reality and allowed me to continue living the active life I love. Thank you for all that you do for me and everybody else. You leave a huge impact on all your patient’s lives.

Mary Christine Wegner


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Dr. Fletcher: I Am Grateful Every Day I Swim

Zshouldertest 205x300

Early in the year I was diagnosed with a torn rotator cuff, complicated with a bone spur that would catch in the tear.

I am a life-long swimmer and as a fellow athlete, Dr. Fletcher understood how important it was to me to both repair the damage and have a good recovery so that I could get “back in the water”. He assured me that would be the case if I was diligent with my post-op physical therapy. After 6 months I had most of my strength back and after a year I couldn’t tell that I’d had surgery except the very small scars on my shoulder. It’s now been 5½ years and the attached photos show how much flexibility and range of motion I still have. I am grateful every day I swim for Dr. Fletcher’s excellent work. Oh, BTW, I’m almost 62.



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