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My son tore his ACL and meniscus in a basketball game.

We chose OrthoConnecticut as my older son had seen one of the doctors when he had a sports injury.

Dr. Tomaszewski has been wonderful during a difficult time as my son is a high school athlete who plays basketball and baseball. He takes his time at appointments and explains things in an easy to understand way. He performed my son’s surgery and so far the recovery has been going very well. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Krista M (from Healthgrades)


The physician and nursing staff at the Western Connecticut Orthoepdic Surgical Center is the best that I've experienced.

The care and concern for my well-being after my rotator cuff surgery was outstanding and much appreciated!

They made me FEARLESS! I highly recommend OrthoConnecticut to anyone who wants - and expects - THE BEST OF CARE!

Doug Shelton (from Google)


As usual my visit to OrthoConnecticut was great. Dr Hermantin recently repaired my spine and he did an awesome job.

The surgery went very well and the recovery and PT also at OrthoConnecticut was flawless. I was done in under three months.

All of the staff at Dr. Hermantin's Office are kind and accessible. Thank you Emily, Steve and all the staff at PT most especially Bill Neeb the Physical Therapist who worked with me.

Peg Ellis, Brookfield CT (from Google)


Dr. Lunt: Thank you for your healing touch

Dr. Lunt has the soul of an explorer and the heart of a poet. He performed surgery on my hand on 2/22 and was amazing.

I am recovering nicely and his skill and medical artistry is clear and tangible. Thank you, Dr. Lunt, for your healing touch. You embody the spirit of healing through your surgical artistry and skill. At Juilliard, when someone is a master at that level, they are called a Maestro. Thank you Maestro Dr. Lunt. I also have to say that the folks in the hand rehab area are absolutely amazing. They are caring, skilled, clear and efficient. They model what is possible in medicine when skill and caring join together to serve the patient. Stephanie, Nicole, Seda, and the whole staff are the best! More songs to come.

With gratitude and appreciation,

Rodney Jones


I highly recommend Dr. Hermantin. He is truly gifted and after performing a spinal fusion he restored my quality of life.

He is uniquely qualified and I feel so fortunate to have had a brilliant surgeon.

Dr. Hermantin should get more than 100 stars.



Dr. Viola: I met my match!

I'm an older athlete and couldn't find anyone to touch my knee. My life is built around speed and I didn't want to stop doing what I enjoy.

Finally, I met Dr. Viola and knew I had met my match. I don't even think of my knee now. I do everything with it. What Dr. Viola did was superb. He understood my passion about participating in sports. Dr. Viola is compassionate, and his caring manner is phenomenal.

Rod Weinberg


Excellent doctor!!!

Dr. Polifroni is an excellent doctor!!!

He did an amazing job on my knee replacement!!!


Dr. Frank: Most knowledgeable and personal

I required a right Knee ACL and meniscus reconstruction which I ultimately had surgery on by Dr. Frank in September.

Dr. Frank helped me through the process both physically and mentally, keeping my well being in mind at all times. I am a avid cyclist and BMX bike rider with years of experience with other surgeons and doctors but by far Dr. Frank was the most knowledgeable and personal. He both helped and pushed me to get back to my wanted physical shape as soon as physically possible.

Matthew D


Dr. Frank: So professional and thorough

I had my shoulder surgery October of last year.

I could not be happier with the results. After hearing many horror stories about what to expect, I was very pleased at how smoothly things went. With in weeks I was back at the gym, although limited, but back to my old routine. I now have full use of my shoulder. I have met several other people who have had the same surgery that I had, and I have to say no one has had a better outcome than I have. This was my first surgery ever, so I was a little nervous. Dr. Frank and his staff are so professional and thorough, I had complete confidence in them right from the start.

Lee H


Dr. Protomastro has saved my hands.

Dr Protomastro has saved my hands with SIX surgeries so I can continue to help my animal patients so many times…. gifted surgeon.

E. Mazzaferro


Dr. Dunleavy: The perfect physician

He performed a total hip replacement on me last week. I've been suffering for over 10 years trying to avoid surgery and had seen 2 other surgeons prior.

Once I met Dr. Dunleavy I knew he was the perfect physician. His kindness, level of expertise and straightforward explanations gave me the confidence to move forward. I stayed one night in the joint center and was up and bearing full weight as soon as I was in my room. His secretary, Merlinda made all the arrangements and I'm now under the care of the physical therapy department. It's been a very exceptional experience and I am planning my next hip for the fall. I wish could give Dr. Dunleavy 10 stars for his care!  

Dr. Protomastro saved 46% of my left arm and hand.

Dr. Protomastro saved 46% of my left arm and hand. Maybe a third one will STOP the 24/7 little pains. I was told, I have to get used to the pains.

B. Arvanitakhs