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Dr. Insel is a highly competent hand surgeon.

I truly recommend Dr. Insel.

You can leave everything in his hands. He’s a very knowledgeable doctor who will help you improve and do everything he can to help you get back on your road.



Accident prone patient highly recommends Dr. Ganal.

I have been a patient of Dr. Ganal's for almost a year due to some accident prone months.

I became a patient after suffering a femoral neck stress fracture. It wasn't the easiest news to receive, but Dr. Ganal balanced professional matter of fact delivery with compassion. He treated me for four months until I was cleared. A few months later (much to my chagrin) I suffered a bimalleolar fracture (broke my tibia and ankle). Dr. Ganal performed my surgery to repair – and within 12 weeks it was almost as good as new. He would be my highest recommendation for any orthopedic injury. Extremely professional, very empathetic, and patient focused (he really listens to what his patients say).



Thank you for helping my severe shoulder pain Dr. Ganal.

I went in with severe right shoulder pain, wasn't sure from what, maybe the dog tugging all week and my shoulder probably just gave in. I was not able to bring my arm up at all it was in so much pain. Dr. Ganal saw that there was no fracture, so prescribed me with the strongest anti inflammatory pill, and self exercises at home found on his website. Come Monday, I was able to bring my arm up and down with no pain. Bless you and thank you.



Dr. Wolfson treated my son for 3 visits.

I don't typically write reviews. Dr. Wolfson treated my son (3 visits).

OrthoConnecticut has many excellent doctors. Dr. Wolfson is an awesome addition to this practice. We thank him for the care he provided.

Joe G.


Think of Dr. Insel daily, as my hand has had what I would consider a 100% recovery.

He did a great surgery, and the PT he recommended got me back to where I want to be. Will let you know after softball Saturday! Thanks!!



Dr. Paul performed spinal surgery on my husband about a year ago.

Obviously, we were a bit nervous, but Dr. Paul and his staff were absolutely amazing!

They walked us through every single part of the surgery, the individuals who would be in the room and their role and kept me updated the entire time. They took phenomenal care from beginning to end. My husband couldn’t believe the relief he felt the moment he woke up from surgery (which lasted after the pain meds). I would highly recommend his team to anyone!!



Dr. Henshaw spent a great deal of time with my daughter and me explaining her diagnosis of her knee.

He was also very clear in explaining what he was going to do during her surgery.

He answered extensive questions about her rehab and recovery. She will have her procedure tomorrow and we couldn't feel more confident with him judging by his resume and also the experience that we've had with him thus far.


Last night we went to the ER at 3 in the morning with our son, Liam.

We were advised to find an orthopedic surgeon as soon as possible today.

Young patient receiving orthopedic care at OrthoConnecticutWe talked to my dad and my friend Tricia Gogliettino (who is a PT for ortho patients) and both recommended Dr. Lunt. After the office helped me work out some insurance concerns, I was able to make an appointment. I cannot tell you how much it set my mind at ease to know we were with the practice that everyone recommended!

Dr. Lunt has EXCELLENT bedside manner! He was reassuring while also being direct and clear in his assessment of Liam. He answered all my questions and his "chill" demeanor made Liam very comfortable.

Within the first moments of entering the exam room, Dr. Lunt noticed and pointed at my finger (which I broke last fall and had operated on in December) and asked what happened. This was something I had wanted to ask him about...I didn't need to even be cagey or awkward...this guy knows digits and he even noticed mine from across the room! I highly recommend Dr. Lunt and the OrthoConnecticut practice.


Dr. Aaron N. Insel is THE BEST doctor!

He cares, is VERY thorough, and knows what he is doing!!

You are safe in his care and that feels good for a change!!!! We all know it's hard to find a GOOD doctor these days, and a pleasant group of women working the front desk and especially the back desk. Very pleasant and helpful!



If you have joint issues, this is the place to go!

I recently had a knee replacement by Dr. John Dunleavy. He did a superb job.

I'm 74 and in one week I was walking without a walker or a cane with minimal pain. I hope I don't need more work, but if I do, I'm calling Dr. Dunleavy again.



My experience with OrthoConnecticut - Coastal Orthopedics...

“I have been a patient with OrthoConnecticut - Coastal Orthopedics Dr. Michael Lynch for approximately 15 years. I suffer from severe OA (osteoarthritis) and a chronic knee condition in both knees. Dr. Lynch has helped me navigate pain management and through the use of Hyaluronic Acid injections, and thus far I have been able to stave off a knee replacement. His knowledge and vast experience have been a comfort in helping me make choices along the way.

In August of 2018, Dr. Mark Fletcher performed a life changing hip replacement at Norwalk Hospital. His immense experience and knowledge, the robotic technology available and the joint replacement wing at Norwalk Hospital made the procedure seamless. I went from excruciating pain and limited movement to a pain free and active lifestyle. I also took advantage of their ON SITE rehabilitation facility. The Physical Therapists are highly trained, patient and helped educate me in order to get me back to my daily activities quickly and easily.

Finally, Tanya has been an exemplary member of the OrthoConnecticut - Coastal Orthopedics family. She goes out of her way to help with scheduling the injections and dealing with the headaches of insurance companies. She is one of many at OrthoConnecticut - Coastal Orthopedics that makes what can be a challenging and painful experience, that much easier.

So many patients think they need to run to NYC to get to the 'pros'. Well, we have the best right here in Fairfield County with Norwalk and Westport locations. You don't need to travel to get the help you need!"

Suzy B.


I am again beyond grateful to Dr. Brady...

“I am again beyond grateful to Dr. Brady, Gabriella and all of the other doctors, PAs, nurses, occupational therapists and everyone in general at Norwalk Hospital for their kindness and for saving my mother’s life.”

Lane Coder
(From Woman injured by falling branch in New CanaanNew Canaan Advertiser)