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I am writing to bring to your attention the excellent experience I had recently with Dr. Theodore Wolfson.

My 99-year-old mother fell and badly broke her femur. Dr. Wolfson operated on her and I'm happy to report that, not even six weeks later, my mother is walking significant distances with no pain. Clearly, Dr. Wolfson's surgical expertise is second to none.

However, what truly impressed me about Dr. Wolfson was the way he treated ME. Of course, he called me and laid out all of our options, along with the possible short- and long-term consequences of surgery. But he then gave me his personal cell phone number and encouraged me to call or text with any questions.

My mother decided on surgery. Over the course of the day, Dr. Wolfson called me numerous times to provide updates regarding the receipt of needed surgical instrumentation, and the probable time surgery would be scheduled. During all of these conversations, I never felt rushed by Dr. Wolfson-quite to the contrary.

When I received a call from the hospital about midway through the surgery, I was concerned. However, it was a surgical nurse calling me at Dr. Wolfson's request to let me know that the surgery had started later than expected, everything was going according to plan, and Dr. Wolfson didn't want me to worry.

I was so pleasantly surprised to have a doctor care so deeply about not just his patient, but also the patient's family, that I felt you would want to know. I have had many, many experiences with doctors and hospitals over the years, and I have never been treated with such care and respect as I received from Dr. Wolfson. If he is the type of doctor being graduated from medical schools today, I'm thrilled!

Thank you so much for having such a phenomenal surgeon and individual on your staff!