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I was incredibly fortunate to have Dr. Ciminiello as my trauma surgeon when I slipped on black ice, resulting in 4 femur fractures and a broken hip.

Dr. Ciminiello miraculously put me back together again, following a complicated 8 hour surgery.

He and his assistant, Peter Ackerman worked diligently and painstakingly to realign my bones. After a 4-week stay in a rehab facility, I am happily and gratefully back to my regular activities and a full life once again. Dr. Ciminiello is brilliant, so incredibly capable, patient, and kind. He always greets you with a smile and tells you “like it is,” so that you know exactly what to expect and what your outcome is - but he is so gentle and kind in his consults that you are left very upbeat and positive. Thank Heaven for Dr. Ciminiello. He saved my life and got me back to living my life. If anyone should ever suffer any orthopedic issue or, Heaven forbid, endure a bone-break, you would be very, very fortunate to have Dr. Ciminiello as your orthopedic surgeon. Thank you every so much, Dr. Ciminiello! I am forever grateful.