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Dr. Fletcher: I Am Grateful Every Day I Swim

Zshouldertest 205x300

Early in the year I was diagnosed with a torn rotator cuff, complicated with a bone spur that would catch in the tear.

I am a life-long swimmer and as a fellow athlete, Dr. Fletcher understood how important it was to me to both repair the damage and have a good recovery so that I could get “back in the water”. He assured me that would be the case if I was diligent with my post-op physical therapy. After 6 months I had most of my strength back and after a year I couldn’t tell that I’d had surgery except the very small scars on my shoulder. It’s now been 5½ years and the attached photos show how much flexibility and range of motion I still have. I am grateful every day I swim for Dr. Fletcher’s excellent work. Oh, BTW, I’m almost 62.