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Dr. Frank & Dr. Lynch: Helped Our Family So Much!

The Doctors do the surgery..but it is the people like Donna, Sarah, Michele and the people at the front desk that make OrthoConnecticut work.

I would like to share my story which I hope you will pass on to Dr. Lynch, Dr. Frank and the others in the practice.

Dr. Frank, who happens to be from Philadelphia Eagles fan (I am from Pittsburgh, and a Steelers fan) drained my knee…but suggested that at some point I might need replacement surgery.

Fast forward…I did need knee replacement surgery and as my friend had used Dr. Lynch…it was to Dr. Lynch that I went to see.

Prior to my surgery Sarah was on the desk and I told her I was absolutely petrified about having surgery!..Sarah assured me things would be fine and gave me a card with her name and told me to call her if I needed any help.

Things did go well and I thank Dr. Lynch for his fine care. I recommend OrthoConnecticut to everyone I know and I also tell them about the nice people like Sarah that are the real faces of OrthoConnecticut.

Sandy B.