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Dr. Brady: Literally Changed My Life

After receiving an impact injury to my neck in the summer while playing basketball I went to OrthoConnecticut for an evaluation.

I had been referred to OrthoConnecticut and Dr. Brady by one of my good friends from MIT who is an orthopaedic surgeon on the West coast. In helping me review available physicians in the New York area, my friend strongly recommended the team at OrthoConnecticut and Dr. Brady based on his stellar track record and previous experience. In December, I underwent surgery to fuse two vertebrae in my neck after exhausting all other possible solutions. I found it extremely reassuring that Dr. Brady and the team at OrthoConnecticut helped me to arrive at the decision to undergo surgery by exhausting other options versus pushing surgery at the outset. My experience with OrthoConnecticut and Dr. Brady post surgery and during recovery has been exceptional. Going into surgery I was given a detailed explanation of the procedure and was able to better understand the recovery process afterwards. Dr. Brady and his team were always available to answer questions and assist with any concerns I had. With the OrthoConnecticut teams’ assistance I was able to make a full recovery and return to living life pain free and with limited long-term effects from the injury. I cannot speak more highly of the professionalism and capability of Dr. Brady and his team at OrthoConnecticut. They literally changed my life.

Tye Schlegelmilch