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Dr. Kleeman: We all had tremendous confidence

I accompanied a patient, Luca Vignale, who had a consultation with Dr. Kleeman yesterday.

The doctor advised that a surgery was necessary, and Luca had to decide between doing it here with Dr. Kleeman or returning to his home in Italy and doing it there (he was visiting the US for four weeks as part of a leadership development program).

Luca decided to return to Italy, but I wanted to thank Dr. Kleeman and his staff for their excellent advice and care. We all had tremendous confidence in Dr. Kleeman. Luca decided to return to Italy so he could have the support of his family during and after surgery. Thank you to Dr. Kleeman and the staff for your patient attention to a visitor to our country. You made it possible for him to work through a very complicated situation.

Paul Ingram
Kravis Professor of Business
Faculty Director of the Advanced Management Program [3]
Faculty Director of the Masters of Science in Leadership Degree [4]
Columbia Business School