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garden-coupleThe condition: Just as Dennis Darria was getting used to retirement, he had an accident: While helping his wife bring in the groceries one winter afternoon, he slipped on ice and, like so many people, used his hands to brace his fall. His right ring finger got jammed in a mound of frozen snow. When the pain, distortion, and lack of movement didn’t subside after a few days, he went to see a general orthopedist. The doctor attempted to spread the finger’s proximal interphalangeal (PIP) joint by surgically implanting a screw, but found that the bone was shattered. He instead placed a pin in the bone.  After a couple of weeks, it was clear to Dennis that something wasn’t right. Dennis was then told his finger joint would need to be fused, with the choice of remaining permanently either totally straight or bent at a 45° angle. Not wanting to give up movement in his finger, Dennis turned to his long-time trusted internist who strongly recommended that he consult Dr. Lunt.

The treatment: Dr. Lunt assessed Dennis’s finger joint and told him that he was a good candidate for a new silicone implant. The implant would replace the joint and preserve some of the PIP joint motion. Although it was a technically demanding procedure because of the fracture deformity, the surgery went very smoothly.  After two months of occupational therapy Dennis had excellent motion and function.

The result: “My hand is back to normal!” exclaims Dennis. Dr. Lunt and the Hand Center’s certified hand therapists gave Dennis back virtually all the mobility he had lost; the difference was apparent immediately. “I hardly notice that I have an artificial knuckle. I rave about Dr. Lunt and his exceptional service to everyone,” Dennis says. Simple everyday things like shaking hands, driving his lawn tractor, and working around the house are no longer a problem for Dennis.  He’s back to enjoying retirement with both hands, and his wife is glad she has her helper back.

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