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plane woodThe condition: As a self-employed master carpenter and cabinetmaker, Terry S. needs the full use of his hands and arms. When pain in his right elbow and forearm started to affect his work, Terry tried physical therapy, but when that didn’t work, he sought the advice of a surgeon. The first surgeon Terry consulted diagnosed tendinitis and recommended surgery that would entail eight weeks of recuperation. Terry was alarmed about spending that much time away from his business.  Moreover, as an open-water swimmer with a big charity event just a couple of months away, he wanted to get back to normal as soon as possible. A friend recommended Dr. Lunt at Danbury Orthopedics. Dr. Lunt felt the affected area and did strength testing, which was not part of the original doctor’s examination. To him it very evident that the cause wasn’t tendinitis, but nerve impingement, referred to as “radial tunnel syndrome.”

The treatment: Dr. Lunt began by trying the least invasive approach, in this case, cortisone injections. The injections worked well, but the benefits were short-lived. With the symptoms recurring, Dr. Lunt recommended radial tunnel release surgery for long-term relief. But, unlike tendon surgery, the nerve release surgery required just a couple of weeks of recovery.  In addition, the surgery took place in Danbury Orthopedics’ own surgical suite, which streamlined scheduling and the whole procedure.

The result: Dr. Lunt took photos of the procedure. Terry was shocked when he saw how compressed the nerve was inside the tunnel. He returned to work after one week, and by week two could begin picking up materials. At the end of two full weeks, Terry was in full swing both in his workshop and in the pool. According to Terry, “Dr. Lunt is aces. He saved me weeks of recuperation, which allowed me to keep my business running and also enabled me to participate in the annual Swim Across America with my daughters.” At Danbury Orthopedics, we believe nothing equals having your complete health, and we strive to get our patients back to fulfilling their passions as quickly and completely as possible.

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