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casestudy-strongmanThe condition: Fitness and strength are what Matt Mills is all about.  As a competitive power lifter and strongman, Matt needs to be in prime physical condition. When Matt completely ruptured his pectoral muscle, he consulted a number of doctors. All said they had never seen an injury so severe and all doubted that Matt could ever fully regain his strength or mobility—vital components to Matt’s success in competitions.

The treatment: In July 2011 Matt turned to Dr. Angelo Ciminiello, sports medicine specialist and knee and shoulder surgeon, for pectoralis major repair to reattach the muscle.  "Matt sustained a complete rupture of his pectoralis major muscle.  This is a devastating injury for a professional weight lifter.  Given his high athletic level, we decided that urgent surgical repair would be in his best interest to maximize his function."

The result: After surgery, Matt quickly regained his mobility and flexibility. Matt’s strength had completely returned in less than seven months.   By January 2012, Matt was able to re-enter competition.  Matt couldn't wait to share his good news with Danbury Orthopedics: "Thanks to the amazing work Dr. Ciminiello performed, I took home first place at the Bigg Strongg Dogg Winter Strongman Challenge. I highly recommend Dr. Ciminiello as an orthopedic surgeon." Although we can’t guarantee all our patients will be able to pull 650-pound sleds, duckwalk with 400 pounds on their backs, do a 250-pound key run, or deadlift 450 pounds, we are extremely proud of Matt’s results and impressed with his continued commitment to his passion. If seeing is believing, we invite you to take a look.

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