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casestudy-brian-sharpThe condition: At 32-years-old, Brian Sharp was living in constant pain. He faced losing his growing landscape design business due to a very rare and debilitating ankle condition called osteochondritis dissecans. Because his business requires moving around properties and gardening nurseries, Brian was running out of options…and time.

The treatment: Brian's primary care physician referred him to Dr. Randolph Sealey, a specialist in foot and ankle reconstruction, as "the only guy I would trust for this case." Considered one of the best foot and ankle surgeons in Connecticut, Dr. Sealey immediately grasped Brian’s condition.  Brian’s other options were a local physician who offered a temporary solution and a specialist in California. Not only did Dr. Sealey become Brian’s surgeon, he also become his advocate and repeatedly appealed to Brian’s insurance company to make sure the complicated surgical procedure was covered.

The result: Today, Brian is at work and pain-free. "I’m walking around like a normal person and keeping my business.  Mine wasn’t a typical case; Dr. Sealey went above and beyond. He gave me my life back."

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