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case-study-footballThe condition: Patrick Stroh, a vibrant and athletic 22-year-old on his way to becoming a physician’s assistant, had spent the past six years of his life with constant shoulder pain and weakness.  It got to the point where he had to turn down throwing a baseball or football when he got together with his friends. However, when his shoulder injury started to affect his job as a certified athletic trainer, Patrick knew something had to be done.

The treatment: Patrick was referred to Dr. Angelo Ciminiello, sports medicine specialist and knee & shoulder surgeon. Patrick remembers the first time he met Dr. Ciminiello: “Dr. Ciminiello walked into the exam room smiling and treating me like a friend. My knowledge of medicine helped me to appreciate his approach toward my treatment.” Dr. Ciminiello diagnosed a shoulder internal impingement and prescribed physical therapy and rehabilitation, which together typically yield very successful results. However, after a few months, it become clear that surgery would be required to get Patrick back to where he wanted to be. Dr. Ciminiello performed a capsular release procedure to decrease tightness of the shoulder capsule and a labral repair, wherein the cartilage ring is stitched back to the bone of the shoulder socket.

The result: Six months after the surgery Patrick was back to doing everything at the high level he desired. Ever the athlete, he now golfs on a regular basis, is playing in three competitive hockey leagues, and is on a softball team. Patrick notes, “I have no further problems from my shoulder and am able to once again throw a football or baseball without hesitation. Dr. Ciminiello allowed me to return to the form that I had during high school.”  Returning to the life you want to enjoy – it’s the goal shared by the doctors and medical professionals at Danbury Orthopedics.

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