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Kristen Pitts injury and recovery story with OrthoConnecticutThe condition: An energetic and enthusiastic 13 year old, Kristen Pitts, injured her knee playing basketball in a premier travel league, tearing her ACL and meniscus at the same time.  Facing this injury as a young, promising athlete was crushing for the girl and her family. The location of the meniscal tear was in a difficult location of the knee, diminishing her hopes for a full recovery.

The treatment: Erik Pitts, Kristen’s father, had heard about the work Dr. Brand was doing with injury prevention and his expertise in the treatment of ACL injuries in female athletes.   Upon evaluation, Dr. Brand confirmed Kristen’s need for surgery with a goal of returning to normal daily function and participation in her most loved sports.  Dr. Brand performed ACL reconstructive surgery and a lateral meniscus repair in. March.

The result: In six months time, Kristen returned to full activity and was back to a full schedule of athletic activity, becoming a track star and winning multiple awards.  She won championship titles in her District Cross Country Meet, in the Junior Olympic XC Nationals, became a record holder and District Champion in the 1600 and 2400 yard races, and was selected as the Point Guard for her winter basketball team. Pitts’ remarkable recovery has allowed her to continue to be the athlete she wanted to be, and given her the confidence to continue challenging herself in school and on the field. “It was a tough experience and I could not have asked for a better doctor. My knee has held up (no pain or swelling!) through everything I have done.  Dr. Brand, I truly appreciate all that you did for me!”

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