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Medical Care for Work-Related Injuries

Employees are your most valuable assets. Therefore, their work-related musculoskeletal injuries are a major area of concern. We work with your organization to provide exceptional medical care and prompt attention for injured workers through our Workers’ Compensation program. We also stay in full communication with your Human Resources department about the employee’s condition, recommended medical protocol, and return-to-work plan.

We are committed to seeing all patients within 48 hours of receiving a call. We offer same-day appointments for patient with acute injuries.

Preventive medicine – Our physicians are available to tour your facilities and make recommendations for avoiding or limiting potential work-related injuries. We can also arrange for on-site employee seminars.

Rehabilitative medicine – Our highly skilled team of board-certified physical therapists and hand therapists work in collaboration with our physicians and keep employers fully informed about an employee's program, progress, and temporary job limitations.